Yearly Plan (2019)|Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Yearly Plan (2019)

Goals for 2019

In addition to existing research, as a new endeavor we will hold workshops and lectures on inclusive leadership; further, we will also establish an "Inclusive Week". We will create a video series of these initiatives and, by using SNS, our website and similar to publicize them, we will expand our brand image among the general public and within the business world. Additionally, we will take advantage of the AAPBS general meeting to conduct a survey on inclusive leadership among the more than 200 business school representatives in attendance in order to understand global trends.

Implementation Plan for 2019

【Branding Strategy】

  • Advance our overseas branding strategy through participation and presentations at the AACSB, QS-Maple and QS-APPLE general meetings, among others.
  • Advance our overseas branding strategy through participating in and sponsoring business case competitions, both in Japan and abroad.
  • Run a new branding campaign: the APU (Aspire, Participate, Unleash) Campaign.
  • Make a video that creates recognition of the importance of inclusive leadership.
  • Issue an Inclusive Leadership Annual Report summarizing the influence and activities related to inclusive leadership at APU.

【Research Activities】

① Theoretical Research
  • Offer a session on inclusive leadership at the Asia Pacific Conference.
  • Manage and run a professional development workshop on inclusive leadership.
② Business Practice Research
  • Run lectures and meetings on inclusive leadership and invite business, NPO and NGO leaders to attend.
③ Research into Teaching Methods
  • Host and participate in business case competitions in Japan and abroad, offering opportunities for students to demonstrate their capability as inclusive leaders and to stimulate their growth.
  • Encourage an understanding of inclusive leadership among students and campus guests through arranging for Inclusive Week and holding events related to inclusive leadership.