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International Programs

List of Off-campus Study Programs

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Category Period Duration Program Host Institution Country/Area Languages
Intercultural Early March
2 weeks ACCESS St. Edward's University USA Japanese/English
Spring 4 - 5 days FIRST (for Domestic Students) Korea, Taiwan Japanese
Fall 4 - 5 days FIRST (for International Students) Kyushu English
Spring 2 weeks SECOND Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos Japanese/English
Spring 2 months Global Communication Program(GCP) St. Edward's University USA English
Language Summer 5 weeks Language Immersion Program Dongbei University of Finance and Economics China Chinese
Winter 5 weeks Korea University Korea Korean
Summer 5 weeks Srinakharinwirot University Thailand Thai
Summer 5 weeks Ton Duc Thang University Vietnam Vietnamese
Summer 5 weeks LIA Institute of Foreign Languages Indonesia Indonesian
Summer 3 - 4 weeks EXCEED Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Singapore English
August - November 3 months Service Learning Program The University of Texas at Austin USA Pre/Post Program Classes:Japanese/English
Onsite Program:English
Career Summer 3 - 4 weeks SEND Secondary School in Thailand Thailand Pre/Post Program Classes:Japanese
Onsite Program:Japanese/English
Winter 3 - 4 weeks University in Vietnam Vietnam Pre/Post Program Classes:Japanese
Onsite Program:Japanese/English
- a few days - 8 weeks Internship Japan, Southeast Asia, etc. Japanese/English/3rd language
Major Study Spring・Fall 1 - 30 days Field Study / Field Research Project Japan Japanese/English
Summer・Winter 1 - 3 weeks   Thailand, the Philippines, Italy, India, Japan, etc. Japanese/English
Summer 1 weeks APU Global Research Program (AGR)   Sweden, Vietnam, Korea etc. Japanese
Student Exchange     Overseas Student Exchange Program      
    Domestic Exchange Program      
Dual Degree   2 years Double degree programs St. Edward's University USA  
  2 years Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Austria  
  2 years Kyung Hee University Korea  

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