Degree Bachelor of Social Science


Bachelor of Social Science


4 Years

Areas of Study

Culture, Society, and Media (CSM)
Global Economy (GE)
International Relations (IR)

Learning Goals

APS offers a Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSc). The program is designed to achieve the three Learning Goals, each of which has its own specific Learning Objectives. These were developed in alignment with Declaration of the Occasion of the Opening of APU and the Mission of APS. Learning Goals indicate the ideal characteristics that APS hopes students to have acquired by the time they complete their degrees. Learning Objectives further clarify more specific abilities students should acquire.

  • 1.Gain the ability to comprehensively and deeply understand the diverse and unique societies, politics, economies, and cultures of the Asia Pacific region.
  • 2.Master the basic knowledge, theories, and methodologies of the social sciences, especially sociology, political science, and economics during the first and second years of study.
  • 3.Understand the specialized knowledge, theories, and methodologies in one of the three areas of specialized studies: “Culture, Society, and Media,” “International Relations,” and “Global Economy.”
  • 4.Acquire problem-solving and practical skills by facing the reality of the Asia Pacific region.
  • 5.Become able to study a topic (sub-discipline) from a specialized perspective in a small group seminar and write a graduation thesis or report that reflects the results of the student’s four years of study.
  • 6.Gain empathy, communication skills, and personal integrity needed for leadership in the Asia Pacific region through 4 years of experiences in a multicultural environment both on and off campus with the goal of contributing to sustainable development and coexistence in the Asia Pacific region.

Curriculum Alignment Matrices (CAM)

APS utilizes Curriculum Alignment Matrices (CAM) to give an overview of the expectations for what students should learn in each subject within the APS program. The left-most row of the matrix indicates the given subjects. Enlisted in the upper columns of the matrix are the nine Learning Objectives and three Learning Goals they are aligned with.

When planning your course registration,
please refer to the CAM linked below to find out more about what you will learn in each subject.

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