Thesis & Research Report, AY 2004

GSAM: Master's Thesis submitted by students who completed in March, 2005.

Name Theme
1 2005.3 YAP Xiao Feng Paradoxes And Challenges: Iso 14000 In Malaysia
2 2005.3 AUNG, Maymee Microfinance And Women's Empowerment: Evidence From Myanmar
3 2005.3 ROSE Darrell Keith Environmental Industrialism: Toward A Sustainable Human Enterprise
4 2005.3 LAIDLAW, Bernard Anthony Ecosystem Management In Australia's Murray-Darling Basin: Sustaining Natural Resources Through Inter-Organizational Cooperation
5 2005.3 Khin Myat Nwe Public-Private-Community Partnership In Solid Waste Management: A Case Study Of Downtown Area In Yangon City, Union Of Myanmar

GSAM: Research Report

Name Theme
1 2005.3 SHICHIDA Namie The Japan-Korea Free Trade Agreement With The Perspective Of 'East Asia Community'
2 2005.3 LEE Siew Kuen Environmental Accounting For Sustainable Development: Concepts, Pratices And Policies
3 2005.3 Issues and Problems of Japanese Companies in China
4 2005.3 ABDELGADIR Sara Mahmoud Taha The Effectiveness Of International Cooperation: A Study Of Sudan (1980s)
5 2005.3 LEE Wing Sze Sana Spa Tourism: Case Study Of Beppu City
6 2005.3 HARADA Junnosuke Non-Tillage Culture In Paraguay By Japanese Immigrants & Public Support
7 2005.3 ZHANG Ying Ethnic Culture Tourism In South-West China

GSM: Independent Final Report

Name Theme
1 2005.3 ZHANG WEI Case Study Of Sanyo
2 2005.3 Zhang Min Sumitomo Rubber Industry Group
3 2005.3 HUYNH THI YEN Relationships Between Entrepreneur Intent & Self-Esteem
4 2005.3 Nguyen Viet Hong-Anh Privatization In High Education In Vietnam: A Theoretical Analysis
5 2005.3 Phanthira Muangkoom Independent Case Final Report What Makes The Entrepreneurial Intent?
6 2005.3 WANG Meng Jiang Comparisons Of Accounting Methods On Business Combinations Between Japan And The United States Of America
7 2005.3 NEHA RITUPARNA "Geographic Information Systems"
8 2005.3 NGUYEN THUY THI THANH Creating Successful Valuation In Merger & Acquisitions