Thesis & Research Report, AY 2016 Fall Semester

* Outstanding Award recipients

GSAD: Dissertation

GSAM: Master's Thesis

GSAM: Research Report

Name Theme
1 2017.3 CUI Mengmeng “I Was Really Down For A While, But I’m Okay Now.”-The Psychological Path Of Kiki In “Kiki’s Delivery Service”

GSM: Master's Thesis

Name Theme
1 2017.3 TRAN Trung Anh Consumer Quality Perceptions of Non-deceptive Counterfeits of Luxury Brands: An Empirical Study in Vietnam
2 2017.3 NAM Yonghyeon A New Opportunity of Bitcoin for Improving Portfolio Efficiency in Japan
3 2017.3 BAJRACHARYA Aisha Sophia The Sources of Value Creation in an Ecommerce Company in Nepal: A Case Study of
4 2017.3 LAN Yu-Hsuan An Analysis of Taiwanese Companies' International Expansion: On the Basis of Awareness-Motivation-Capability Model
5 2017.3 * GARAY Vargas Victoria Andrea Measurement of Scientific and Technological Production: Innovation Trends in Latin America and the Caribbean
6 2017.3 CHANTSALMAA Shurenchimeg Leadership Practices of Genghis Khan and Its Applications in Modern Management Context
7 2017.3 THONGPITHUKWONG Sirikarn Social Media and Thai Baby Boomers: Focus on Needs Satisfied by Social Media Usage
8 2017.3 METELLUS Ralph Sander Crowdsourcing as a Support Mechanism for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: a Case Study in Haiti
9 2017.3 HASAN A K M Kamrul Corporate Governance Practices in Bangladesh and Its Impact on the Performance of the Banking Industry of Bangladesh
10 2017.3 SO Vanndavid The Influence of Guerrilla Marketing As A New Concept Case Study of Starbucks Cambodia
11 2017.3 JIRAPINYO Pashcharidar Thai Millennials’ Perception of Career Success: Implications for HRD Strategies A Case Study on the Siam Cement Group (SCG)

GSM: Independent Final Report

Name Theme
1 2017.3 MAHAJAN Sahil Implications of Just-In-Time System of Toyota: A Case Study
2 2017.3 PANASAHATHAM Wanas Assessing Bitcoin’s Hedging Capabilities on Currency Exchange Rates Using Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity (GARCH)

GSM: Internship-based Case Study