Thesis & Research Report, AY 2017 Fall Semester

* Outstanding Award recipients

GSAD: Dissertation

No   Name Theme
1 2018.3 AHMED, Khalid Yousuf The Innovation, Human Development and Economic Growth in Ethiopia

GSAM: Master's Thesis

GSAM: Research Report

No   Name Theme
1 2018.3 TAKAGI Kazuro Student Expectations, Satisfaction and Motivation at APU Applying Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory Into The Analysis of Student Satisfaction
2 2018.3 SIAOSI Meripa Eleitino Coping Mechanisms of Families and Households in Samoa to Natural Disaster
3 2018.3 ANDREW Chee Tong Li Social Acceptance of Geothermal Energy: A Case Study in Oita Prefecture, Japan
4 2018.3 LAN Xincheng Smallholders in Agriculture Global Value Chain in China:a Case Study of the Lemon Industry in Anyue County

GSM: Master's Thesis

GSM: Independent Final Report

No   Name Theme
1 2018.3 NDERUNGO Nicholas John An Empirical Study on the Use of New Product Development Practices: Best Practices in Small and Medium Enterprises Based in Tanzania
2 2018.3 Suthar Kartik vats A tale of two FMCG corporate giants Q shop by Sahara group and the Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd.
3 2018.3 MATEOS MONTEALVO Yanet The Market Entry Modes Followed by Mexican Companies in Japan
4 2018.3 HEGEDUS Mitchell Dave Independent Final Report Management System Changes in Response to Population Aging: Case Study Analysis of Japanese Companies Focusing on Elderly Employment and the Retirement System
5 2018.3 LAMICHHANE Suresh P Occurrence and Implications of Foreign Remittances in ARUCHOUR Village, Nepal
6 2018.3 SADAT AMINUS Independent Final Report Implementing Lean Management in the Supply Chain Dynamics of Bangladesh Garment Industries: A Feasibility Report

GSM: Internship-based Case Study