Thesis & Research Report, AY 2017 Spring Semester

* Outstanding Award recipients

GSAD: Dissertation

GSAM: Master's Thesis

No   Name Theme
1 2017.9 BASEER Abdul Perception of Selected Social Sectors towards Democratic and Military Regimes in Pakistan
2 2017.9 * NGUYEN Nhu Ngoc Arts heal life: Rethinking Education and Therapy through the Film Taare Zameen Par (2007) in relation to Social Withdrawal (hikikomori)
3 2017.9 HAYAT Ghadda Abdelelah A Japan's Foreign Policy in the Middle East (Palestine-Israel Case Study)
4 2017.9 THEOSA Dinar Swastiningtyas The Sino-American Strategic Rivalry in the Asia-Pacific in Study Case of the Mekong Development and Regional Trade Deals from Three International Relations Theory Perspectives
5 2017.9 * SHARIPOV Mirzosharif Raising Awareness and Sensibility in the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Network
6 2017.9 LUANGKHOM Vilakhone Japanese Foreign Direct Investment in the Lao PDR: Trends, Investment Decisions, and Management System Transfer
7 2017.9 LAMICHHANE Binay Availability, Prices and Affordability of Essential Medicines for Children in Nepal: A Cross Sectional Study of Public and Private Health Facilities
8 2017.9 * VALIZODA Pirumsho Attracting Private Investment to Hydropower Infrastructure Projects in Tajikistan using a Public-Private Partnership Scheme
9 2017.9 PUNNAN Chayada The Role of Street Food vendors on Tourism Development in Bangkok, Thailand
11 2017.9 TURATBEK KYZY Chynara Inconsistency of Academic Major and Post-graduation Employment: The Case of the Kyrgyz Republic
12 2017.9 BOLD Bilguunsar Tourist Satisfaction and Destination Marketing at Gorkhi-Terelj National Park in Mongolia
14 2017.9 * HUEHN Philipp Konstantin Japan's Renewable Energy Potoentials Possible Ways to Reduce the Dependency on Fossil Fuels
15 2017.9 KHAYRIDDINOV Umedzhon Comparisons of Universal Health Care of Advanced and Developing Countries for the Sake of Tajikistan Health Care Prospective and its Population Longevity
16 2017.9 ORIFBOEV Abdullahon Effective Tourism and Hospitality Management through Quality Management Systems in Uzbekistan
17 2017.9 KHOUTLAVONG Khamla Working Conditions in Garment and Non-Garment Factories in Vientiane, Laos
18 2017.9 ALGAA Altangerel Developing the Health and Wellness Tourism in Mongolia Based on Hot Spa Resorts: Case Study: Shargaljuut Hot Spring Resort
19 2017.9 KOSOMRITH Apatcha Japanese Backpacking in Thailand and Hospitality Marketing: Challenges and Opportunities of a Model Hostel for Satisfying Japanese Backpackers

GSAM: Research Report

No   Name Theme
1 2017.9 PHAM Tran Hai FDI Investment in Industrial Zones of Haiphong city: Some Observations and Recommendations
2 2017.9 NGUYEN Lan Chi Assessing the Potential of Tourism Development in Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam
4 2017.9 NGUYEN Dac Minh Duc The Ethical Issue of Dark Tourism – A Case Study of the Son My Memorial Site at the Son My Village, Vietnam
5 2017.9 LISTL Marvin Energy Storage Systems for Advanced Process Capability
6 2017.9 TURAEV Sanjar Improvement of the Hotel Service in Uzbekistan based on Japan Hotel Industry Experience
7 2017.9 RYSBEK Kyzy Kunduz Biogas Potential and Development in Kyrgyzstan
8 2017.9 HU Zhenglun Pilot Research on Developing A Bottom-up Framework for Calculating Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions From Household
9 2017.9 CAO Shuang Inclusive Finance with Use of Internet Finance in China
10 2017.9 HUANG Yi Japan's Scientific Research System and Its Enlightenment to the Reform of Chinese Academy of Sciences
11 2017.9 ZHANG Yong Theoretical Analysis of Local Governments' Weak Implementation in the People's Republic of China

GSM: Master's Thesis

No   Name Theme
1 2017.9 * ENNAJIH Yassin Aggregate Electricity Consumption in Iran and Japan: A Multiple Approach Comparison of Time series Forecasting Models and an Analysis of Accumulated Expertize measured in terms of Learning Rates
2 2017.9 MEHUNA Gumodoka Msifuni The Impact of Working Capital on the Profitability of Firms Listed on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange
3 2017.9 ADUBA Joseph Junior Measurement of Total Factor Productivity and Learning-By-Doing: An Empirical Study of Japanese Manufacturing Industries
4 2017.9 SYDYKOVA Mairam Lessons to be Learned from Disruptive Innovation Theory when Applied to the Case of Fuel Cell Vehicles
5 2017.9 HEBA Ahmed Abdelbaqi Abbadi Meeting the Energy Challenges of Japan through the Optimization of Distributed Generation: The Case of the Kyushu Electric Power Company
7 2017.9 CHRISTINE Gracia Pratama The Roles of Customer Value and Innovation in the Relationship Between Market Orientation and Business Performance
8 2017.9 HANNIOUI Mohamed Effect of XBRL Mandate on the Information Environment of Accelerated Filers and Non-Accelerated Filers: Evidence from the U.S. Stock Markets of Exchange
9 2017.9 YESUF Yohannes Mekonnen Assessment of the Economic and Working Conditions of the Cut Flower Farm Workers in Ethiopia, A Case of Bahir Dar City
10 2017.9 NGUYEN Khanh Diep Measuring Competition and Bank Risk Connection: An Empirical Study of Japanese Banking System in the Period 1991-2005
11 2017.9 PHUEKSAKORN Waewmanee Brand Anthropomorphism for Destination Marketing: The Case of Kumamon
12 2017.9 ARANTO Munaf The Transformation of Incoterms: The Ownership Transfer in International Trading Industry
13 2017.9 PHAM Thi Thu Giang Factors leading to Success of Vietnamese Food Search Engine Startup – Case of
14 2017.9 KHURELBAATAR Undral Awareness and Acceptance of Natural Capital Accounting among Professionals in Mongolia
15 2017.9 INDRA Darmawan Centralized Approach of Inventory Performance Optimization with Controllable Service Level under Sustainability Issue
16 2017.9 AVILA Carlo Irawan Exploring the Decline Phase in the Product Life Cycle of Services: Case of Mobile Game Industry in Japan
17 2017.9 * NDIONE Joseph Sega Beyond the OVOP Through Design Thinking Approach
18 2017.9 PICKAR Peter Joseph Trajectories of Technical Innovation Evolution: A TRIZ Exploration

GSM: Independent Final Report

GSM: Internship-based Case Study

No   Name Theme
1 2017.9 VU Hai Anh Returns to Firm Investment in Education Sector: An Empirical Study of FPT University
2 2017.9 CLEMENTE Ryan Celestino Adapting to a Changing Environment: Observations Made During an Internship at a Large Tobacco Product Importer