Thesis & Research Report, AY 2018 Spring Semester

* Outstanding Award recipients

GSAD: Dissertation

GSAM: Master's Thesis

No   Name Theme
1 2018.9 LE Anh Phuong English Language Teaching and Culture: A Look into Vietnamese English Textbook
2 2018.9 ZOU Qiao China’s Economic Diplomacies Toward ASEAN Since 2000 to 2017: Analyzing from Three International Relations Perspectives
3 2018.9 CHANG Yu-Che Influence of Domestic Politics on the Making of Foreign Policy: A Case Study on Taiwan Regarding the Diaoyutai/Senkaku Islands Dispute
4 2018.9 TRAN Phuong Thao Neoliberalism and Constructivism in Explaining Historical Animosity: A Case Study of Japan and South Korea
5 2018.9 HOANG Khanh Chi Economic Benefits or Territorial Integrity? A Case Study of China-Japan Relations
6 2018.9 PHAM Viet Nhat Minh Determinants of Manufacturing Industries in Attracting FDI toward North Central Region of Vietnam
7 2018.9 MAWILAI Hamesuda ASEAN ON THE RUN: The Investigation of Brain Drain Situation in Thailand and the Repercussion of ASEAN Free-Movement Framework
8 2018.9 * PHAM Thu Huong How the Terms Used for Describing Tidal Flats Influence their Image: Case Study of the Students from Two High Schools in Vietnam
9 2018.9 KIRSCHNICK Ulrike Understanding Irrigation-based Agricultural Systems: Factors Influencing Farmers’ Performance in Khuzestan Province, Iran
10 2018.9 NALAU Erick Assessment of the Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Vanuatu Nurses towards Prevention and Control of Hypertension
11 2018.9 * JANSING Matthew Scott Human and Structural Trade-offs in Sustainable Irrigation Management: Case Study of Karangasem, Bali and Kunisaki, Japan
12 2018.9 KHABIBOV Farkhod State Support for Return Migrants Entrepreneurship in Tajikistan
13 2018.9 PHANTHALAMIXAY Viengkham Comparative Study of ODA Policy and Implementation of Australia, Germany, Japan, and Korea in Lao PDR
14 2018.9 CHIMED-OCHIR Chinzorig Micro-Insurance: The Poverty Reduction in Mongolia
15 2018.9 AQUINO John Roman Pilar Post 3/11 Japan: the role of Dark Tourism in the Revitalization of Fukushima Prefecture
16 2018.9 NAIR Malini A Conceptual Framework for Evaluating Key Competencies of Sustainability in the Higher Education: Case Study of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
17 2018.9 LOUANGMOUNNINTHONE Phouhay Financial Literacy in Lao PDR: The Survey Result among Adult in Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.
18 2018.9 CHANG Chun-Sheng Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Investments and Total Factor Productivity(TFP): In the Case of Taiwan
19 2018.9 ORTIZ Anna Dominique Halog An Assessment of the Performance of a Small-scale Renewable Energy System: A Case Study in Green Island, Roxas, Palawan, Philippines
20 2018.9 ISMATULLOEV Khurshed Monetary Policy in Tajikistan. The Ways and Measures for Its Effective Implementation
21 2018.9 PRIMASTUTI Sinta Kusuma Evaluating Development Planning Deliberation (the Musrenbang) as a Participatory Budgeting Practice in Indonesia: A Case Study of Batu City Government, East Java Province
22 2018.9 DUONG Bao Thi Anh The Effects of Japan’s Immigration Policy on Japanese Employers and Vietnamese Migrant Workers in Japan

GSAM: Research Report

No   Name Theme
1 2018.9 AHUJA Arushi International Relations Between India And Japan (After 2013)
2 2018.9 SALIMOV Firdavsi Analyzing Vulnerabilities of Tajikistan’s Financial Sector and Ways Forward
3 2018.9 TAFIARIKI Jonathan Matamaru Coordinative Capacity Development in Disaster Management A Comparative Study of Japan and Solomon Islands
4 2018.9 NADAR Sonny Widyagara An Evaluation Study of Mine Land Reclamation Policy in Indonesia: The Case of East Kalimantan Province
5 2018.9 PAMUNGKAS Wahyu Evaluating Good Governance in Preserved Forests: A Comparison Between Community-based and State Based Forest Management in South Sumatera
6 2018.9 XIA Shanshan Dynamic Relationship between Population Aging and Transition of Industrial Structure Based on VAR Model: Empirical Evidence from Post-World War II Japan
7 2018.9 LIN Jie Improvements of Intellectual Property Policies in China: Based on the Inspiration and Reference from Japan

GSM: Master's Thesis

GSM: Independent Final Report

No   Name Theme
1 2018.9 NAWALAGE Thiwanka The Cloud over Japan: Journey Towards Cloud Computing in Japan
2 2018.9 LE Thi Thanh Phuong Enhancing Employee Motivation in Multinational Companies in the Context of Vietnam
3 2018.9 NGUYEN Phuoc Ngoc Nam xBRL in Vietnam: Suggestions for the adoption process
4 2018.9 LECHNER Kevin Samuel Microbreweries of Japan and America: Why Japan is Lagging Behind in Growth
5 2018.9 MBAE Joseph Kimemia Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in the Automotive Sector: Case study of Isuzu Motors East Africa Ltd
6 2018.9 KEZIA Stephanie Natania The Effect of Augmented Reality for Fashion Industry’s Online Sales
7 2018.9 UMER Jemil Abdela Determinants of Pricing Strategy: A Case Study of the Ethiopian Leather Industry
8 2018.9 TRAN Thanh Quang Critical Success Factors of Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation in Vietnamese State-Owned Enterprises
9 2018.9 NGHIEM Tung Son Coworking Space and the Local Business Practice in Vietnam
10 2018.9 MORAN Gutierrez Brian Balmore Gender Diversity in Corporate Japan and its Impact on Financial Performance

GSM: Internship-based Case Study