Thesis & Research Report, AY 2019 Fall Semester

* Outstanding Award recipients

GSAM: Master's Thesis

No Name Theme
1 2020.3 HO Manh Tung Representation of corruption in Vietnam’s contemporary mass media: Insights from online news satirical cartoons
2 2020.3 NUNEZ Donna Ruz Quito What Makes Temporary Migrant Workers Happy? Examining the Happiness Domains and Leisure Activities of Filipino Workers in Japan
3 2020.3 TRAN Anh Thuy Representation of Female Prostitutes in Vietnamese Films and Television Dramas from 1986 to 2018
4 2020.3 MU Yadi Economic Commitments and Security Linkages: Sino-Japanese Rivalry in Overseas Infrastructure Construction and ODA projects
5 2020.3 ANGGARANI Pribudi Community-based Approach to Sustain Batik Tourism Village Area in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (The Case of Giriloyo Village)
6 2020.3 THANDAR Aung Utilization of Antenatal Care Services in Myanmar: A Case Study at A Public Hospital in South Okkalapa Township, Yangon
7 2020.3 NANYANZI Lilian Impacts of Higher Education Enrollment on Economic Growth in Uganda
8 2020.3 TERESA Kartika Mabel Medicinal Plant and Tourism Development: Opportunities and Potentials for the Case of Oita Prefecture
9 2020.3 * PETER Ryan Toward a Comprehensive Analysis of Asian Budget Destination Competitiveness and Backpackers: Netnography and Autoethnography Approach

GSAM: Research Report

No Name Theme
1 2020.3 HOSSAIN Md Akram The Study of Regional Integration and Free Trade Agreement in Southeast Asia and South Asia Analyzing from Great Power Politics
2 2020.3 ZAMAN Naima Romance in Anime/Manga and Real Life: Impact on Fans in Japanese Society

GSMM: Master's Thesis

No Name Theme
1 2020.3 NAYEEM Maruf The Effectiveness of Japanese HR Management System in Overseas Particularly in the case of Bangladesh
2 2020.3 LOZANO Monsalve Andres Julian Business Sustainability in the Context of Family Businesses: The case study of Oita Paper Products Co., LTD.
3 2020.3 * ALTANGEREL Amarjargal A Strategy to Develop Lower Credit Interest Rate Policy in Mongolia
4 2020.3 NAN Zar Yi Lwin Respond or remain silent: an analysis of food manufactures’ response to public debate on GMOs.
5 2020.3 BAHAR Geni Gayani Mali The Impact of Board Diversity on Accounting, Market and Operational Performance of Japanese Corporations
6 2020.3 SOMWADI Yanisa An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy for Japanese Language Schools in Thailand

GSMM: Independent Final Report

No Name Theme
1 2020.3 HTAT Yi Lwin Htut Brand Loyalty in a Competitive Dynamic Industry: A Case Study of Mobile Industry
2 2020.3 TIN Zar Aung The Factors Affecting on the Performance of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; Comparative Study between Japan and Myanmar
3 2020.3 KHATUN Bina Role of the Garments Industry for Women’s Empowerment in Bangladesh
4 2020.3 PHYU Ko Win Consumer Perception and Attributes of Social Media Marketing in Consumer’s Buying Decisions: Focused on Body Lotion Users in Myanmar
5 2020.3 KAPOOR Nishant Understanding the Performance and Attributes of Exchange Traded Funds
6 2020.3 ALDARKAZANLY Baraa Challenges of Doing Business in Conflict Zones and the Survival Characteristics of MSMEs: A Case Study on Syria’s Private Service Sectors.

GSMM: Internship-based Case Study

No Name Theme
1 2020.3 RAKTHAM Pete-Tong An Internship-Based Case Study of ST-Muang Thai Insurance (ST-MTI) Company’s Marketing Strategy in Laos.