Thesis & Research Report, AY 2019 Spring Semester

* Outstanding Award recipients

GSAD: Dissertation

GSAM: Master's Thesis

No   Name Theme
1 2019.9 LIU Mengwei The Role of the Individual in the Process of Sino-Japanese Reconciliation: Narratives of Chinese Students in Japan
2 2019.9 JOSHUA Francis Aristyawan Security Considerations in State’s Response to Secessionist Movements: The Case of Indonesia’s Responses to the Free Aceh Movement and the South Maluku Republic Secessionism
3 2019.9 * NGUYEN Truong Giang International Dispute Settlement – The Edge between International Law and Politics: Case Studies and Implications
4 2019.9 BERNAS Jhemarie Chris Laboy Community Union-Civil Society Coalition: Cases of Temporary Migrant Workers in Japan
5 2019.9 SHAH Hafsa Feminism in the Digital Space:
An exploration of Fourth Wave Feminism in Pakistan
6 2019.9 TURSALIEVA Aizhan Analyzing Water Conflict Between Kyrgyzstan And Uzbekistan: "Application of Conflict Transformation Theory to the Bilateral Conflict Over Water Resources."
7 2019.9 UZOIGWE Kingsley Chukwuemeka The United Nations and Persistent Conflicts in Jerusalem. (An examination of how effective United Nation resolutions has been in resolving conflicts in Jerusalem)
8 2019.9 MORRISSEY Kalavatagaloa T. A. Exploring the Survival Strategies of the Kingdom of Hawai’i during the Kamehameha and Kalakaua Dynasty.
9 2019.9 NAKIDDALI Harriet The Effectiveness of Foreign Aid on Educational Development in Universal Primary Schools in Wakiso District, Uganda
10 2019.9 * ALEX Dharmawan Winoto Zero-dollar Tours in Bali: Understanding Chinese Bamboo Networks in Tourism
11 2019.9 ERDENEBAYAR Yanjinlkham E-Commerce Adoption in Mongolia: Its Opportunity and Challenges
12 2019.9 * RAJABOV Atoullo Public Debt and Growth in Tajikistan
13 2019.9 BOBOEV Boburkhon Public awareness toward Islamic Banking in Tajikistan: National wide survey
17 2019.9 SIMATA Ella Lynthia Exploring Agritourism as Sustainable Development for Solomon Islands
18 2019.9 BAKARE Adedamola Esther Substance Abuse Among Secondary School Students in Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria: (Cross-Sectional Study)
19 2019.9 KORVAH Macklin Marvin Assessment of Alcohol Use Control Programs in Public and Private Secondary Schools in Lofa County, Liberia: Cross-sectional Study
20 2019.9 LE Tam Tri Connectedness to Nature: Investigating Tendencies in Search Result Contents amongst popular New Media Platforms
21 2019.9 * VAN GINHOVEN Sam Roger Attracting International Tourists through Mascot Awareness
22 2019.9 NGUYEN Minh Hoang Examining 50-year Time Series Data of Kitakyushu City, Japan: An Aggregate Microeconomic Approach for Environmental Kuznets Curve
23 2019.9 ALFI Hidayatul Rahmawati How Electronic Toll Collection Deployment Affects Transport System Efficiency: The Study of Indonesia Toll Road Network
24 2019.9 HARIO Dharma Bhaktiono Transparency in The Implementation of Procurement in Indonesia
25 2019.9 YOHANA Surat Payon Philips Analyzing the Outreach of Indonesia Education Cash Transfer to Eligible Beneficiary: Rural Rich are More Likely to Get Cash Transfers than Rural Poor

GSAM: Research Report

No   Name Theme
1 2019.9 CHAKMA Chandra Indigenous Land Politics & Inter-ethnic Conflict: A Case Study of Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh
2 2019.9 GAYARY Rikhi Arindam TPP and Japan: The U.S Retreat & its Renegotiation
3 2019.9 UBAITOI Mamara Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Kiribati Police Officers toward Domestic Violence
4 2019.9 KHALIFAEV Manuchehr Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency in Tajikistan: Current State and Problems based on SWOT analysis
5 2019.9 TASNIM Zarin Analysis of Resource Potential of Municipal Solid Waste Based on Scenario Analysis Method in Dhaka, Bangladesh
6 2019.9 BARRON Leon Roberto Enrique Photovoltaic Technology Usage in Smart Mini-Grids: A Solution for Energy Security in Rural Areas in Mexico.
7 2019.9 JABLONSKYTE Monika Sharing Economy as a Rapidly Growing Phenomenon and Attitudes Towards It
8 2019.9 PHAM Thanh Ha Investigating Stakeholder Perspectives on Development of Hot Spring Power Generation: A Case Study of Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, Japan
9 2019.9 DIDI Prabowo Putra Analysis of Public Environmental Expenditure: The Case Study of Jakarta Province
10 2019.9 LI Ying Long-Term Care Insurance System in a Sustainable Perspective ---- Comparison Study of China and Japan
11 2019.9 XU Huijing Enhancement of Chinese Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zones in BRI Participant Countries: Cambodia as a Case Study
12 2019.9 WANG Huan Government Incentives on Intellectual Property - Backed Loan
13 2019.9 YAN Jianing Technology Transfer from Academic Institutions through Science and Technology Intermediaries: Japan’s Experience and Implication for China

GSM: Master's Thesis

No   Name Theme
1 2019.9 HORTIN Kyrstin Lynnette Professionalism in the Business School Curriculum
2 2019.9 REZKY Nugraha A Study on Social Entrepreneurs’ Attitude Towards Growth and Replication
3 2019.9 NGUYEN Thi Van Anh Link between Creating Shared Value and Social Enterprise in the Vietnamese Context: The Case Study of KOTO Vietnam
4 2019.9 TRAN Thi Thuy Lien Promotional marketing of theme parks among Vietnamese visitors – A case study of Suoi Tien Theme Park, Ho Chi Minh City
5 2019.9 KHIN Moe Myint Enhancing Value Chain of Oilseed Sector in Myanmar: Whole of Chain Perspective
6 2019.9 THIDA Aye Sustainable Development of Community-Based Tourism in Myanmar: The Case of Kayah State
7 2019.9 ISLAM Muhammad Rofiqul A Comparison of Customers` Profile and Default Probabilities of Consolidated and Non consolidated Loans in the Peer to peer Lending Market.
9 2019.9 GHANNAM Osama Developing Green Waste Management System in Lebanon, Feasibility Study of Kitakyushu Eco Town, Japan (A Proposed Model)
10 2019.9 MOHAMED Ikram Mohamed I. Diversification and Financial Interdependence: The Case of Japanese Electronics Companies
11 2019.9 NAMBRI Desmond A STUDY OF SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA Stakeholder Relationship Along Liquified Natural Gas Pipeline
12 2019.9 MOHAMED Mahgoub Shamseldin M. Information Technology Governance Impact On Banks E-Services Quality
14 2019.9 OMARY Haji Rehani Estimation of Diffusion and Adoption of Solar PV Technology in Japan and Germany: Prospects for Tanzania
15 2019.9 EDLEY Cunha Sacramento Menezes Japanese Corporate Human Resource Management Impact on Foreign Employees’ Engagement
16 2019.9 MUANDO Enia Filodia Manuel Internal Marketing and Employee Job Satisfaction In the Education Sector in Mozambique
17 2019.9 LATLHANG Maduo The Quasi Dutch Disease, The Mild Resource Curse and Botswana’s Experience
18 2019.9 ATTA Kouassi Akora The Effects of Denial Messages on Consumers Behavioral Intention toward a Rumored Product: An Experimental Study of Ajinomoto Umami Seasoning, in Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire
19 2019.9 * RODRIGUEZ Jimenez Rodrigo A. The Cross-Section of Expected Returns The Case of S&P 500 1997-2017
20 2019.9 DANG Thu Ha Admissions test scores and high school grade point average predictive power on students’ grade point average during first year university: A research with Correlation, Regression Analysis and Neural Network
21 2019.9 SIHITE Ardeley Mae Factors Influencing Japanese Consumers’ Purchase Intention of Subscription Streaming Services
22 2019.9 HUYNH Thi Phi Phung Brand Marketing in Emerging Market: A Lacoste Vietnam case

GSM: Independent Final Report

No   Name Theme
1 2019.9 TERESA Riantika Business Venture Post ICO Period
2 2019.9 ANTY Kannampilly Joseph Innovation in the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem accelerating the development of the early stage of Startup: An Exploratory Study on Start ups As sistance Organizations.
3 2019.9 JOSE Manu Adoption of Blockchain Technology by the Indian Banking Industry
4 2019.9 MARTIN Malish Francis Sapana Compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards by Listed Companies in Uganda and Rwanda: Establishing Baseline.
6 2019.9 HOSNI Ahmed Abdallah Customer Co-creation in Product Development: The Role of Collaboration Type and Decision Discourse
7 2019.9 VILANCA Amadeu Bernardo Foreign Direct Investment: Spillover Effects in Sub-Saharan Africa
8 2019.9 MYREN Marita Innovation and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). A Case Study of How Structured Goal Setting Can Lead to Innovation