Thesis & Research Report, AY 2020 Spring Semester

* Outstanding Award recipients

GSAD: Dissertation

GSAM: Master's Thesis

No Name Theme
1 2020.9 LIAO Wan-Ching The Survival of the Taiwanese Historic Buddhist Temples from the Japanese Colonial Period to the Present Days
2 2020.9 NANG Aung Major Causes of Civil Unrest in Myanmar
4 2020.9 ALLEGRA Carisha Nada Exploring Polygamous Marriage in Indonesia through Gender Theories and Quality of Life Perspective
5 2020.9 MIGLIORINI Sabrina Internet, Mizuko Kuyō, and the Motherhood Myth in Contemporary Japan
6 2020.9 YUHAN Kuek Bin Kamal Kuek Malaysians’ Perceptions and Socio-Cultural Behaviors to the Belt and Road Initiative – a Perspective From the People-to-People Bond
7 2020.9 AVILES Ernult Jose Rodolfo The Aesthetics of the Uncanny: Comparative Study of Kyosai Kawanabe and Jose Guadalupe Posada’ Liminal Imagery
8 2020.9 VO Thi Giang ASEAN'S Strategic Responses to Regional Transformation: Two Cases of India and FOIP
9 2020.9 CHADHA Astha India's Strategy towards Japan & FOIP amid Regional Transformations: Analysis from the Realist and Constructivist Perspectives
10 2020.9 SISCA Ellyanto Indonesian Youth in Volunteering: A Case Study of Pengajar Muda (Young Teachers) Program
11 2020.9 WI-KAITAIA Merita Tuari'i Exploring Pacific Small Island Developing State Trilateral Engagement with China
12 2020.9 KARIM Nashia Iffat Elizabeth Gaskell: Fairy Tales in Wives and Daughters (1866)
13 2020.9 NGUYEN Thi Thu Trang Illegal Foreign Workers in Vietnam: How They Enter and Remain
14 2020.9 NGUYEN Le Huyen Nhung The Developing Process of Cultural Tourism in Dong Ho Art School in Vietnam
15 2020.9 * NGO Thi Minh Phuong Dark Tourism in Vietnam’s Former DMZ: An Analysis of Characteristics and Structure
16 2020.9 AURIA Atama Putra The Impact of Education on Regional Economic Growth, Poverty Reduction and Income Equality in Indonesia
17 2020.9 MAINUDDIN Mohammad Contribution of Ecotourism to the Economy: A Case Study of the Sundarbans Reserved Forest – Bangladesh
18 2020.9 RESTITUYO Vassallo F. A. An Empirical Study of the Economic Effects of Mobile Payment Platforms Worldwide
19 2020.9 TENNAKOON M. S. K. T. Active Participation of Sri Lanka in Global Flower Value Chain: Supply of Leaves to Upstream Chain of the Netherlands
20 2020.9 * DELMAS Raphaelle Emeline Cost Recovery Mechanisms for Human Waste Management at Mount Fuji: A Study on International Climbers' Compliance
22 2020.9 ACHARON Vermie Nadura Adoption of a National Human Resource Information System (HRIS): Models and Obstacles for the Philippine Public Sector
23 2020.9 NGUYEN Quynh Hoa Study the Tourism Impact on Japan Heritage Sites: from Tourism Policy to Local People's Perception
25 2020.9 WEDA Arachchige T. L. K. W. Rural Development in Japan through Tourism
26 2020.9 SUFIEV Shohin Upgrading agri-Industry value chain in Tajikistan: Promise of post-harvest investment to the dried apricot industry
27 2020.9 VU Thi Van Anh The Reform of Education and Training Overseas Policy for Civil servants and Public Employees at Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics
28 2020.9 CORTES Montano Edith Fading Health & Nutrition Habits in Response to Termination of Conditional Cash Transfer Program PROSPERA: Assessing Transition to BIENESTAR Benito Juárez Program in Veracruz, Veracruz, México
29 2020.9 KHANAM Mosammad Jamia Jannat Regulatory Challenges and Social Opportunities of Financial Inclusion through FinTech in Developing Countries with Reference to Bangladesh
30 2020.9 * SALIMOV Muhammad The Impact of Inflation Targeting on Inflation Volatility
31 2020.9 TUVSHINJARGAL Batzorig Urban Sustainability Indicator System for Ulaanbaatar City Using Domain and Issue Based Frameworks
32 2020.9 WU Chaoqun How Does Culture Connect and Contribute to the Sustainable Development? - A Literature Review
33 2020.9 SIROJIDDINOV Shokhrukh A Case Study of Mobile Money as a Tool of Fintech for Financial Inclusion and Poverty Reduction in Kenya: Lessons for Uzbekistan
34 2020.9 BOHARA Suraj Waste Management challenges and opportunity: Case of Dhankuta Municipality
35 2020.9 AGITA Marelia Ulfa Network Governance In Addressing Sustainable Public Procurement Policy In Indonesia
36 2020.9 JONDAN Indhy Prastyo The Influence of Father and Mother's Joint Decision on Children's Basic Immunization: Empirical Research on Indonesia's Demographic and Health Survey 2017
37 2020.9 FURQON Khakim Influencing Factors on Judge’s Final Sentence for Juvenile Defendants In Indonesia
38 2020.9 ELVIN Sinaga Analysis of Implementation Success of Strategic Planning: A Case Study of a Local Government in Indonesia
39 2020.9 THEODORUS Pandhu B.P. Understanding Commuter’s Motivation of Mode Transportation Choice in Daily Routine Trips: A Case Study of Greater Jakarta

GSAM: Research Report

No Name Theme
1 2020.9 UGALA Robert Cham The Influence of the Islamic State on the Media Strategies of Islamic Militant Groups in Africa: A Case Study of Al-Shabaab and their Jihadist Magazines
2 2020.9 BRAUN Maria Barbara An Exploration of Rape Culture in Japan: A Study of Shiori Itō’s Rape Case
3 2020.9 TEMIROV Dilshodhuja Japan's Multilateral Foreign Policy Approach towards Central Asia Region in the Post-Cold War Period
4 2020.9 PARK Eun Ji Innovation and Institutions in Auto Industry - Korea and China
5 2020.9 OPON Schneider Collins Food Security Issues in Ghana and Nigeria: Dominance of Open Pollinated Varieties Over Hybrid Varieties in the Two Countries
6 2020.9 TOKUYAMA Morimi Economic and Environmental Impacts of Woody Biomass Energy Utilization in Oita
7 2020.9 KAIBERE Faith Wachinga Low Cooling Energy Building Materials in Residential Buildings in Kenya: Evaluation from Energy, Cost and CO2 Savings
8 2020.9 LE Thi Thuy Dung Agricultural extension system in Vietnam and its development: Comparative studies in Thailand and Philippines
9 2020.9 OKADO Vanessa Elaine Governance in Slum Waste Management: Recommendations for Kibera, Kenya Based on Case Studies.
10 2020.9 OBAARO Yetunde Oluwakemi Health Information Systems and Healthcare Service Delivery in Public Health Facilities in Southwest, Nigeria
11 2020.9 * NAGAO Lauren Qiao Su Residential Solar Photovoltaics Coupled with Battery Energy Storage: a Case Study of Oahu, Hawaii’s Policy and Program Incentives
12 2020.9 NAZIROV Jaloliddin Improvement investment climate in energy sector of Tajikistan
13 2020.9 VO Ngoc Bich Vy People’s Attitude Toward Waste Separation At Source In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
14 2020.9 HAO Jinyang How Asian Development Bank’s (ADB’s) Role in Greater Mekong Subregion Economic Cooperation (GMS) Helps Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) Achieve Sustainable Development
15 2020.9 WANG Guanqun Performance Audit of ODA in Australia, Canada, Japan, UK and US: A Comparative Study and Implications for China
16 2020.9 CHEN Shihua Patent Information Service and Management in Japan
17 2020.9 KAN Lijun Japan’s Innovation System and Its Inspiration to Liaoning Province
18 2020.9 PENG Min The Green Transformation of Kitakyushu: Implications for Jiangxi Province

GSMM: Master's Thesis

No Name Theme
1 2020.9 KANJANAMANEEROJ Warot Beneficial Factors Influencing Thai Rural Customers’ Engagement in Brand Communities
3 2020.9 GALANGA Mekhala Vijayalakshmi Adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on Business Growth of Women-owned Small and Medium Enterprises in Sri Lanka
4 2020.9 BUDIRAHARDJO Erick Supranata Pre and Post Announcement Stock Price in Mergers and Acquisition
5 2020.9 NGUYEN Nghi Hac Validation Impact Of Innovation And Financial Performance In Japanese Video Game Industry
7 2020.9 SU Sandar Nwe Entrepreneurship and Technology Leapfrogging in Least Developed Countries: A Study of Myanmar Tech Startups
8 2020.9 KHIN Myo Thwin Factors Affecting Productivity and Customer Satisfaction of Business Travelers in the Hotel Industry (A Study in Myanmar)
9 2020.9 ABDULLAH Faroq Moohialdin H. A Key Resource to Achieve Longevity through Value Influence on the Succession Process in Family Business
10 2020.9 GURUSINGHE Udara Lanka The Nature, Motive and the Trends of the Corporate Social Responsibility Activities: A Study of the Best Corporate Citizens of Sri Lanka.
11 2020.9 MOHSIN Aliasger Saifuddin Factors Contributing to SME’s Performance in Zanzibar.
12 2020.9 BOADU Lord Nana Boakye The Effect of Rapid Urbanization on Hotel Performance in Ghana

GSMM: Independent Final Report

No Name Theme
1 2020.9 REVI Meiriana Rahmanto A Study of Brand Identity and Customer Selection of A Capsule Hotel: Case Study of 9hours Hotel in Tokyo
2 2020.9 SAYAVIPULYA Donlawan Family Values and Longevity of Family Business: A Case Study of Family Business in Japan and Thailand
3 2020.9 THI Thi Oo The Role of Myanmar’s Women Entrepreneurs: Obstacles to Future Prosperity and Ecosystem for Female Entrepreneurship
4 2020.9 SHERPA Yeshey Khandro Servant Leadership for Intrapreneurship An Exploratory Study
5 2020.9 RASUL G M Ashrafur A Report on Japanese Purchasers in Bangladesh Market: Market Entry and Partner Selection Strategy for the Ready-Made Garments Industry of Bangladesh