Thesis & Research Report, AY 2021 Spring Semester

* Outstanding Award recipients

GSAD: Dissertation

GSAM: Master's Thesis

No Name Theme
1 2021.9 * SNAEBJORNSSON Gudbjartur Mar Arctic Medley: A Study of the Interplay between Local and Great Power Politics in the Arctic
2 2021.9 SHING Benjamin Benny B. F. Foreign Investments and the Reconfiguration of Land Property Rights in Vanuatu
3 2021.9 BADIASHVILI Sopio Power for the Small States Balancing Influence and Autonomy: A Comparative Case Study of Estonia and Azerbaijan
4 2021.9 BROWN Jordan Michael Adaptation of Japanese Myth in Video Games: The Case of Ghost of Tsushima
5 2021.9 PREMATHILAKE Mahathennage I.U. Political Representation of Women in Sri Lanka: A Study on the Local Government Quota and Projects on it
6 2021.9 EMA Dura Christian Enrianto Understanding Community Participation in CBET and The Success of Policy Implementation
7 2021.9 GHORASAINEE Sushmita Community Engagement and Good Governance in Local Government of Nepal: Hurdles for Communities in Engaging with Local Government
8 2021.9 * BUI Thi He Tourism and Colonization: Establishment of French Indochina Tourism in the Early 20th Century
9 2021.9 HO Thi Kim Chi Climate Change Perception in Vietnam: Application of Protection Motivation Theory
10 2021.9 DO Thu Khanh Gastronomy Tourism in the Central Region of Viet Nam: Case Study from the Three Biggest Tourist Hubs of the Region - Thua Thien Hue, Da Nang and Khanh Hoa
11 2021.9 MALAHATI Shatadini The Roles of Volunteer Tourism in Changing Tourist Behaviour and Local Community Well-being in Indonesia (Case Study of Tour Operator Wanderlust Indonesia)
12 2021.9 DYAH Ayu Indira Hapsari The Effect of Cultural Tourism on the Sustainability of Cultural Heritage Sites: the case study of Borobudur, Indonesia
13 2021.9 RAFI Rubaiyyat Impact of International Tourism Receipts on Economic Growth: A Perspective of Japan and Kyushu Island
14 2021.9 SHER Ahmad " Was Foreign Aid Effective for the Economic Growth Prospects in Pakistan ? "
15 2021.9 FAYZALII Safarali Assessing Foreign Reserves’ Adequacy and Their Macroeconomic Factors in the Former Soviet Union Countries
16 2021.9 DEVESI Eldine Lawrence The Role of Value-Added Products in Agritourism in Kunisaki, Oita Prefecture, Japan: Lessons and Implications for the Solomon Islands
17 2021.9 SHUKRIKOVA Anastasiya Microfinance for the Alleviation of Poverty in GBAO, Tajikistan
18 2021.9 TANG Duc Dai Environmental Impact of Trade Facilitation in Vietnam: An Assessment of Trade in Environmental Goods
19 2021.9 OCEN Ebaale Crispin Cyril Road to Universal Health Coverage in Uganda. A Study on Willingness to Join and Knowledge of Health Insurance in Uganda
20 2021.9 * MASRUR Kurbonalizoda The Banking System in Tajikistan: the Ways and Measures for Increasing its Credibility and Decreasing Non-Performing Loans
21 2021.9 MUHAMMAD Idrees “Long and Short-term Relationship between Migration, Foreign Remittances and Economic Growth of Pakistan: A Case of COVID-19”
22 2021.9 * BUI Thi Thanh Van Main Factors Affecting the Effectiveness of the Dual Vocational Education and Training System in Vietnam in terms of Business Association
23 2021.9 * YAO Xinzhi Valuation of Manure: Could a Fairer Supply-Side Pricing Improve the Allocative Efficiency for Manure ?
24 2021.9 UMEHARA Minato Analyzing College Students: Undermining and Evaluating the Fitness Lifestyle of College Students in Beppu
25 2021.9 RISFAYANTI Employee Readiness for Knowledge Management Implementation in The Audit Board of The Republic of Indonesia
26 2021.9 BANGUN Indra Permadi Rent-seeking, Political Budget Cycles, and Audit Opinion: an Analysis of Local Spending in Indonesia
27 2021.9 * ETANIA Ranu Andhika NEITHER THE COHABITATION OF THE FATHER NOR THE GRANDMOTHER CAN HELP EXCLUSIVE BREASTFEEDING IN INDONESIA: Empirical Research with Indonesia’s Socioeconomic Survey 2019 and 2020
28 2021.9 * MADE Putra Adhi Laksana Trade Effect of Export Taxes: Empirical Evidence of Indonesia Mineral Sector

GSAM: Research Report

No Name Theme
1 2021.9 XU Boxin Return of the Yellow Peril and Sick Man of Asia: Exploring the Politicization of COVID-19 through Western Media Representations of China
2 2021.9 QAISRANI Muhammad Atif The institutional issues in public debt sustainability in Pakistan
3 2021.9 DA Silva Antonio Collaborative Management Towards Sustainable Tourism Development in Timor Leste - A Study of Stakeholders’ Perception.
4 2021.9 LIU Chaoying Estimating CO₂ Emissions in Operational Processes of China's Express Delivery Sector: A Case Study of SF Express
5 2021.9 LI Xinxin Features of Electronic Record Management and Its Environmental Impact: Case Study of Auditing Record in China
6 2021.9 ZHU Pan Research on How t o Attract Foreign Direct Investment Flowing into China
7 2021.9 TAN Binlin Domestic Regional Integration and “Strong Neighbor Dilemma” ——The Case of Guangxi and Guangdong in China

GSMM: Master's Thesis

No Name Theme
1 2021.9 GIRON Maria Jenna Fajarito Linkage between ESG and Leverage Position in the Japanese Manufacturing Industry
2 2021.9 KALUARACHCHI Nithumal Dias Impact of Asset and Liability Management on Financial Performances: Case of Sri Lankan Domestic Banks
3 2021.9 BAIBOSSYNOVA Umit Leadership Style of Kazakhstani Females in Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector
4 2021.9 * RUANGWAN Pakhamon How Do Firms’ Internationalization Decisions Influence Their Sustainability Performance?
5 2021.9 HNIN Wutt Yii Aung Marketing Strategy of FinTech Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending Platforms: A Solution to Increase Myanmar SMEs’ Access to the External Finance
6 2021.9 JOSHUA Kevin Alviano The key successes of Viral Marketing and its effect on the Indonesian Tourism Industry
7 2021.9 TATYANA Almira Ryokan Okami’s Leadership in Organizational Changes during a Global Pandemic
8 2021.9 HAN Lin Htun The Impact of Digital Marketing Channels on Consumer Purchasing Behavior during COVID-19 Pandemic in Myanmar
9 2021.9 FIKRI Aulia Between Risk, Trust, and Habit: A Survey on Unicorn Companies Application Users in Indonesia on their Level of Awareness and Concern towards Big Data and Data Privacy
10 2021.9 MOHAMMAD Altaf Effect of Sponsor-Team Fit on Consumer’s Attitude towards Sport Sponsors
11 2021.9 GRACE Olivia Adianti Japanese Investment in the Real Estate Sector in Indonesia
12 2021.9 SU Sandar Tun The Effects of Relationship and Innovation Capabilities on Export Performance of Myanmar SMEs Food Production Companies
13 2021.9 ISLAM Muhammad Shafiqul An Investigation of the Drivers toward Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the apparel industry in Bangladesh

GSMM: Independent Final Report

No Name Theme
1 2021.9 AL Houri Alhomsi Mhd Omar Entrepreneurial Orientation and Business Performance in Japanese SMEs Mediated by Marketing Capabilities and Environment Hostility and Dynamism
2 2021.9 MOUE Makame Mahfuza Environmental Sustainability of the Fast Fashion Industry: A Case Study on H&M’s Value Chain
3 2021.9 AL Ahmad Ibrahem Industry 4.0 and Introducing of Smart Factories in the Manufacturing SMEs.