Thesis & Research Report, AY 2022 fall Semester

* Outstanding Award recipients

GSAD: Dissertation

GSAM: Master's Thesis

No Name Theme
1 2023.3 *HELLAND Emma Granaas An Analysis of the Depiction and Romanticisation of Dating Violence and Hegemonic Masculinity in Korean Dramas: The Case of Boys Over Flowers
2 2023.3 WANG JIAWEI Great and Middle Power`s Role in the Development of Mega-FTAs, Comparing the TPP and RCEP From the Political-Economy Perspective
3 2023.3 OUMAR Nahor Ngawara Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development in Africa: A case study of West and Central Africa Monetary Zone
4 2023.3 FEKENSA Tsegahun Milkesa The Effects of Environmental Pollution on Wetlands in Ethiopia: With a Focus on Floriculture Pollution at Lake Koka and its Wetland
5 2023.3 TOICHUEV Nurgazy The Impact of Community Based Tourism on Rural Tourism Development in Kyrgyzstan
6 2023.3 DALL'AGLIO Alessia The Role of Social Media in Generating European Tourists' Motivation to Visit Japan
7 2023.3 XU YEHAI Consumers' Intention towards Organic Food by Analyzing Both Concepts of Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Accept: The Case Study in Zhejiang, China
8 2023.3 SHUAIB A S M Relationship Between Walkability, Covid-19 Risk Factors, and Covid-19 Outcomes: A Case Study of Dhaka City
9 2023.3 ANNISA TISA RAMADHANY Autism Care and Management through Inclusive Education in Indonesia
10 2023.3 MOHD HAZIM BIN MOHD REJAB Success Factors Influencing IoT's Adoption Behavior Amongst Middle Management Staff in Malaysia Public Service
11 2023.3 LONG JUNJIE The Impacts of ICT and B2C E-commerce on China’s Bilateral Trade in Goods
12 2023.3 TWEESAENGSAKULTHAI PANN The Impact of Community-Based Tourism on Community Satisfaction: A Case Study of Thailand

GSAM: Research Report

No Name Theme
1 2023.3 TURKETT Martha Jem Jamiah Does International Coercion Influence States Compliance with Transitional Justice? A Case Study of the Special Court for Sierra Leone
2 2023.3 FERAY Beaumont Philippe Manuel From Real to Virtual: International Student Adaptation to Japanese Online Classes During Covid-19
3 2023.3 DINTWE Opelo Thapelo What factors influenced Japan’s foreign policy towards the Israeli- Palestinian conflict?
4 2023.3 GOIBNAZAROV Firuz Attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and the role of the state in Tajikistan
5 2023.3 AHAD KHONDOKAR OLI Global Value Chain of Machinery Industry in Bangladesh: A Case of Refrigerator and Its Parts
6 2023.3 AHMED EFTAKHARUDDIN Institutional Ownership and Firms' Default Risk: Evidence from Bangladesh

GSMM: Master's Thesis

No Name Theme
1 2023.3 BOONPHAROD TEEPAKORN The Role of Technology Intensity and Product Similarity on the Adoption of Food Innovations
2 2023.3 CALDERON RIVERA RODRIGO Tendency to Sacrifice Ethical Standards: Comparative Study between Japanese and Peruvian employees.
3 2023.3 BAMBANG AGUNG PRATAMA The Impact of Sequential Content Updates as the Strategy Towards Improving Player’s Retention and Loyalty in Online PC Games
4 2023.3 FERNANDO K. M. A. S. Impact Performance Feedback and Decertification of B Corporations

GSMM: Independent Final Report

No Name Theme
1 2023.3 SIDDIQUE Md Mehdarul Faiz Mobile Financial Services in Bangladesh: The Case of bKash
2 2023.3 WANG WEI Technological Competence Strategy for Electric Vehicles – The Case of Volkswagen in China
3 2023.3 THAKUR SHUBHAM Users' Perspective on Technology Adoption in Indian Healthcare: Importance of Trust and Cost.