Thesis & Research Report, AY 2022 Spring Semester

* Outstanding Award recipients

GSAD: Dissertation

GSAM: Master's Thesis

No Name Theme
1 2022.9 * LI Yixuan A Study of Modernity in Sociology: A Comparison of the Theories of Giddens and Latour
2 2022.9 YU Myat Mon Japan's Infrastructure Investment Policy in the Indo-Pacific: Analysing from Realist and Liberal Perspectives
3 2022.9 * DAO Ngoc Xuan Quynh Exploring the Fujōshi Gaze in Contemporary Boys Love Manga: An Approach from the Perspective of Laura Mulvey’s Feminist Film Theory
4 2022.9 SOUDUNSAARI Minna Marika COVID-19’s Impact on the Recovering Hikikomori Individuals in Japan - A Qualitative Survey Analysis Through CHIME Framework
5 2022.9 WASUAK Martinez Factors behind Papua New Guinea’s Agreements with Australia on Asylum Seekers
6 2022.9 SIBALE Glory Towards SDG7: Determinants of Choice of Cooking Energy among Malawian Households
7 2022.9 AMINATH Fizna An Identification of Political Influence on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Process in the Maldives
8 2022.9 KUMAR Adarsh A Case Study On Mitigating Data-Quality Issues Amongst The Pacific Island Countries’ (PICs) National Meteorological & Hydrological Service (NMHS)
9 2022.9 ASANTEWAA Mary Yeboah Factors Influencing the Continual Implementation of E-Procurement in Public Hospitals in Ghana
10 2022.9 AWADALLAH S. S. Alyamany Homeland Connection: Diaspora Tourism in Palestine
11 2022.9 ZIYOEV Sohibjon Public investment and GDP in Tajikistan
12 2022.9 MAGUMANE Anastacio Rafael The Influence of Natural Disaster in Tourism in Mozambique: A Case Study of Zambezi Valley Region
13 2022.9 SHAFI Haroon Factors Affecting Visit Intention for Adventure Tourism: Study of Mountaineering Tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
14 2022.9 GILANG Bayu Utomo Post Millennium Poverty Dynamic and Evaluation of Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Asia Continent Case
15 2022.9 * ABDIHAMID ALi Abdirahman Investigating the Somali Coastal Fisheries. A Case Study of Mogadishu Small-Scale Fisheries Governance System.
16 2022.9 CORREIA Co Junior Armando Impact of Awareness, Responsible Behavior, and Attitude on the Project Success with the Moderating Role of Innovation and Technology: Evidence from Guinea Bissau
17 2022.9 BASMA Youssef Abdelhamid Y. Ecomuseum as an Approach for Adoptive River Basins Management A Multiple Case Studies of Oita Prefecture
18 2022.9 CHITTANUSONE Lithiphone The Impacts of Foreign Direct Investment in Tourism on Cultural Heritage Preservation in a World Heritage Site: Luang Prabang City, Laos
19 2022.9 DZHURAEVA Zebo AML/CFT Regulation and Supervision of Financial Institutions in the Republic of Tajikistan
20 2022.9 HOSHIMOV Ismatjon Ways of Trust Restoration in the Banking System Case Study of Tajikistan
21 2022.9 * AGBOOLA Moyosola Timothy The Socioeconomic Impacts of Tourism on Community Residents' Quality of Life and Their Support for Development of Tourism: A Case Study of Three Tourist Attractions in the South-West Region of Nigeria
22 2022.9 KITIONA Uaina Family challenges: A Quantitative Study on Household spending towards Culture and Church in Samoa using Engel’s Theory of Income Elasticity
23 2022.9 MARQUES Cabral Claudio Cultural and Historical Tourism of Lautem Municipality Timor-Leste: Its Concept for Future Opportunity
24 2022.9 BULALE Adan Ahmed Somali Passport Service Providers Competing for Bribes: Which Government Body is Taking More?
25 2022.9 FINAUGA Titeta Touaiti Fostering a Serving Culture of the Public Service Delivery in Kiribati
26 2022.9 CHANZAIB Muhammad Recruitment and Promotion Policies of the Federal Civil Services of Pakistan, a Critical Appraisal, Dissonance, and a Way Forward.
28 2022.9 LIN ZHIMEI The Evolution and Effectiveness of Cross-border Cooperation on Border Tourism: A Case Study on Yunnan China

GSAM: Research Report

No Name Theme
1 2022.9 DA Costa Barros Martinho Mau An Examination the UNCLOS Compulsory Conciliation Procedure in the Timor-Leste/Australia and the South China Sea Maritime Boundary Dispute Case
2 2022.9 YE Feng Male Chinese Homosexuals’ Self-Perception of Environmental Influence on Their Identity, Choice for Marriage, and Coming Out
3 2022.9 KEDAMWANA Terence An Explanatory Case Study on Japan’s Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) Contribution to Papua New Guinea’s Coastal Fisheries Development towards Food Security of Rabe Community
4 2022.9 NGUYEN Hoang Tri An Exploratory Case Study On How Delay Cost Affects Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Vietnam
5 2022.9 MOHAMED Naufal The Barriers for Maldivian Local Small Island Governments to conducting waste management
6 2022.9 CHU Xiaohan Research on Changes of Public Support on Nuclear Power Generation in Japan
7 2022.9 KONUSI Sagaitu Jotama Municipal Solid Waste Material Flows and Waste Separation Attitudes of Urban Households in Fiji
8 2022.9 DA Silva Natalino Stakeholder Involvement and Collaboration in Tourism Destination Management – The Case of Lautém Municipality in Timor – Leste
9 2022.9 ZAKARI Abdul Shakur The Impact of Fiscal Policy on Nigeria's Economic Growth: Effectiveness of Petroleum Profit Tax and Regime Shifts,1960-2019
10 2022.9 BIAN YUHAN Policy Improvements of Patent Internationalization in China: A Reference to Japan
11 2022.9 ZHANG LIMEI Solar Energy for Poverty Alleviation from the Perspective of County-government Policy Implementation: A Case Study of Huachi County, China

GSMM: Master's Thesis

No Name Theme
1 2022.9 LWIN Mar Phyo B2B Market-driven Innovation on Firm Performance : A Case study of Raw Rubber Industry in Myanmar
2 2022.9 MURE Irra John Sabazio Firm Cash Level and Performance During the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from Japanese and US Firms
3 2022.9 TESEMA Bezawit Endeshaw The Impact of Quality Impression, Brand Origin, and Local Infrastructure on Consumer Demand for Frugal Design: A study of Low-cost Cars in Ethiopia.
4 2022.9 CHEPKWONY Joel Kiptoo The Impact of Digital Finance on Financial Inclusion of Vulnerable Individuals in Kenya
5 2022.9 * GUPTA Akhil The Contribution of Sustainable Practices to Business Financial Performance and Value in Developing Countries: The Case of India
6 2022.9 AKIOGBE Olugbenga Importance of Uses of Digital Technology in Micro Enterprises A Case Study of Lagos State, Nigeria
7 2022.9 HTET Khine Hla The Impact of Training Transfer on Organizational Development: A Case Study of Myanmar-Japan Center for Human Resource Development (MJC) Project
8 2022.9 * RIDWAN Gunawan The Asset Pricing Consequences of Religious Beliefs and Social Norms
9 2022.9 ALYA Mohamed Saeed Binhadda A. Impact Of Bank Digitalization on The Financial Inclusiveness of Women: An Example of The United Arab Emirates
10 2022.9 THINN Nu Soe Employee engagement during the Covid-19 pandemic: A case study of working from home telecom employees in Yangon, Myanmar.

GSMM: Independent Final Report

No Name Theme
1 2022.9 MAHMOOD Asif An The Importance of Product and Ingredient Brands and Commoditization In The Smartphone Market
2 2022.9 MONIKA Rani Impact of COVID-19 in Higher Education System: Disruptive Challenges and Transformative Opportunities for Students
3 2022.9 CHAUQUE Aniceto Pedro Quality of Private Provision of Public Transport in Maputo City, Mozambique: Student Perception
4 2022.9 KUMARI Manju A Study of Logo Change and Customer Trust in a Brand: The Case of Myntra in India
5 2022.9 NAY Hlwan Aung Factors Impacting Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Thilawa Special Economic Zone in Myanmar