APU Library Opening Hours (from May 7th, 2020)


The APU Library will be opened from Thursday, May 7th.
Opening hours during Spring semester will be changed as shown below.

Class day:8:30-20:00
Non-Class day:10:00-18:00

(Cautionary Notes)
・Please make sure you are wearing a mask before you enter the Library.
・Please leave enough space (more than 2 meters) between yourself and other library users to prevent infection.
・It is possible to use the library for study purposes only.
・Don’t remain in the library for more than 1 hour.
・Pangaea 1 – 3 and the Multi Media Room are currently closed.

If you would like to use the library, you must contact the Academic Office via email (acsubmit@apu.ac.jp) in advance with the date, time, student ID, your name and purpose of your visit.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Thank you very much for your understanding.

*Other Visitors
Those whose library cards identify them as “Library Friends” are not permitted to use the library at this time.