ALRCS Consultation Booth will be Opened on Monday, June 1


Do you have any problems with how to use PCs, Office365, or how to find books in our library, etc.?
ALRCS members are here to help you with these problems.
Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

(The Consultation booth)
Opening hours: 4th and 5th periods on regular class days (14:15-15:50, 16:05-17:40)
ZOOM MTG ID: 954 8630 2051

(Notes) -It is not necessary to make an appointment for the consultation. However, please wait in the waiting room while other people are having consultations, or reconnect after some time.
-Consultation is not available from domains other than
-Consultation time is limited to 30 minutes per person.

-ALRCS Academic & Learning Resource Core Staff-
With the APU Library and learning commons (PANGAEA) as the center of our activities, our staff includes students from many countries and regions. Using the library and software, we support students in developing independent study skills.