Press Reader Special Trial (available until November 30th, 2021)


The APU Library offers the Press Reader Special Trial for a limited time (available until November 30th, 2021).
(Accessing the Collection from Off-Campus)
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection is required to access e-books and databases from off-campus.

Please refer to the following link for details on how to set up a VPN connection.
Press Reader:

Before using Press Reader, please check the following three steps to make sure you are an authorized user.
1. Click the green cup on the upper right of the top page. PressReader icon
2. Check the institutional version of the welcome message.
3. Let’s try to search!
Quick Start Guide:

PressReader has the largest selection of newspapers and magazines from over 120 countries in over 60 languages. That’s 7,000 trusted publications on a single platform. And readers can instantly translate articles in up to 21 languages.
Imagine offering your customers global news from the world’s most reputable journalists and sources, and editorial from titles you know and trust. From The Washington Post, The Guardian, and The Globe and Mail, to Forbes, Vogue, Bloomberg Businessweek, and GQ.
Please note that you may be charged if you access from off-campus networks such as your home or mobile phone company.