Feb 2, 2021

RCAPS Report “International Students' Needs in Exchange Study Abroad at Higher Education”

On January 20, RCAPS welcomed Associate Professor BERGER Maiko from APU to deliver a RCAPS Current Research Seminar entitled “International Students' Needs in Exchange Study Abroad at Higher Education”

Associate Professor BERGER Maiko
Associate Professor BERGER Maiko
[Report by Associate Professor BERGER Maiko as the seminar organizer]

Berger reported on the findings from 2 studies conducted between 2017 and 2020. It aims to identify linguistic as well as socio-linguistic needs during study abroad. Berger shared the language needs and strategies, as well as the impact of learning communities learners form while abroad, representing 108 students, some of whom returned amidst COVID-19 outbreak. Questionnaires revealed different standards and levels of needs, depending on the student’s background. A great majority of English-basis respondents reported having had little problem in their academic studies, which shows their preparedness. Follow-up interviews with 40 returnees and 4 case-study participants exhibited various learning strategies these students employed in academic skills such as understanding academic journals, participating in class discussions, and writing reports or research papers, to succeed in their study abroad. Results suggest that assuring more speaking opportunities and exchange classes will benefit Japanese-basis students greatly in participating in English-medium subjects and study abroad.

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