About Part-Time Jobs

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APU's Views on Part-Time Jobs

The requirements and undertakings of a part-time job can be instrumental in forming a valuable social experience that can build one’s character. However, as an APU student, it is essential that you remain focused on your studies in your daily routine. Even if you engage in a part-time job to pay for your tuition and/or living expenses, we ask that you do so insofar that it does not affect your studies.

Important Points to Keep in Mind When Doing Part-Time Jobs

Points to check before starting a part-time job:

Before applying for a part-time job

Be sure to carefully check the term of employment, working hours, job description, wage and other employment conditions. Be careful accepting part-time jobs that involve working late at night, strenuous labor, or other conditions that may affect your daily rhythm and disrupt your studies.

Inappropriate part-time jobs

The following types of part-time jobs should be avoided at all costs:

  • Adult-entertainment industry
  • Matters that result in late night work
  • Pyramid investment industry and any other type of industry that involves fraud.

Once You Have Received A Part-Time Job:

In addition to working a part-time job and earning a wage, you will be expected to take on the same responsibilities as other mature adults. In the event you cause a careless accident at your place of employment, injure someone, or do the community a disservice, you will not be able to evade responsibility simply because you are a student part-time worker or because you are still a minor.

In addition, carrying out self-indulgent behavior such as failing to turn up to work without informing your employer, or constantly being late, will not only damage the reputation of all APU students, but may impede other students from finding part-time jobs. Be sure to conduct yourself in a manner benefiting all APU students and take a responsible attitude towards your work.

Accidents or Trouble During Work

Inform your employer immediately if you sense any dangers or problems in your work environment. If you are involved in an accident at work or experience any problems, be sure to inform the Student Office.


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