Submission Period for Library Book Purchase Requests to Open


Book purchase requests based on using your APU Library individual book purchase request budget can be submitted as outlined below.

Request starting date : Wednesday, January 27, 2016 ~

How to Make a Request:
  Requests can be made using any one of the below application methods.
  When submitting a request, please be sure to include all the below data.
  If any of the following five items are left blank, we will be unable to accept your request.

 1. ISBN number
 2. Title
 3. Author
 4. Publisher
 5. Price

1. Submit your request via MyLibrary
2. Submit either bookstore published catalogs or computer screen printouts showing the necessary bibliographic data from websites such as Amazon via APU internal mail to the Library. Be sure to sign your name and stamp your seal on the catalog / printouts being submitted.
3. Send a list of books being requested including all the required data in Excel spreadsheet format as an attachment to the email address listed below.

APU Library