Online Classes (Zoom):FAQ

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  3. Usage Environment
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Q1. What hardware do I need to have to take my classes online via Zoom?
A1. Please refer to the manual.
Q2. What kind of internet connection do I need?
A2. In some cases, you may have to take classes all day. Please make sure you have access to a strong enough internet connection that will allow you to see/hear a video stream. Please note, if you use a smartphone you may incur high data charges from your service provider.
Q3. I already have a smartphone, but should I buy a computer?
A3. Some functions are limited on mobile, so we strongly recommend you purchase a PC or use one of the computers available on campus.
Q4. How should I set up my Zoom account for online classes?
A4. You can use Zoom with signing in using APU account (Microsoft Office 365). Please refer to the manual for details.
Q5. How do I download the Zoom Client and Zoom related Plug-ins?
A5. Please refer to the manual.
Q6. Can I borrow equipment (laptop, webcam, Wi-Fi router) for online classes?
A6. There is no lending equipment. Please bring your own headset and use the open classrooms.
2.Zoom Account
Q1. I already have a Zoom account with my own email address. Can I use this account to take classes on Zoom?
A1. In principle, you will not be able to join a class if you do not sign in using your APU email address.
Q2. I don't know how to log in to Zoom.
A2. Please sign in via the Zoom application installed on your device or via the sign-in page of the Zoom website.
3.Usage Environment
Q1. About how many GB will this use each day? About how many GB will be used for each class?
A1. There is a large variation in data depending on how Zoom is used, but estimates are between 3 - 5 MB per minute.
Q2. Are there any countries where Zoom cannnot be used?
A2. Zoom can be used from anywhere in the world. It can be used via PC, Mac Linux, or Android/iOS, or via phone from a H.323/SIP device. You can start or participate in meetings from anywhere.
4.Accessing Online Classes on Zoom
Q1. What time does my online class start?
A1. Online classes will be held at the times shown in the course timetable. Please note, all times are shown in Japan Standard Time.
Q2. How can I access the online classes of the courses I registered?
A2. To take a class, you need Meeting ID.
The timetable with Zoom Meeting IDs is uploaded to the Academic Office Website. Please refer to the manual for details.
5.About attending classes
Q1. Sometimes it is very difficult to hear my instructor's voice. Is there anything I can do about this?
A1. You can try the following:
1) Make sure your device's volume is not muted or set too low
2) Make sure your headset is plugged securely into your device
3) Use the Chat function to tell your instructor about the problem
4) Try using a different device
5) After class, consult with your instructor about whether it will be possible to receive a recording, course materials, or assignments. *However, each course instructor will decide whether or not to provide these materials.
Q2. What should I do when my microphone does not work?
A2. Please try the following:
1) Make sure your microphone is connected securely to your device
2) Check the bottom left-hand corner of the Zoom screen to see if your microphone is muted
3) After 2, Click the pull-down arrow next to the mute button to make sure you have selected the correct microphone
4) After 3, Click "Test your Speaker and Microphone" to make sure they are operating correctly
5) Try using a different microphone
6) Check whether the problem still occurs when using your PC's built-in microphone
7) Try using a different device
8) Communicate using the Chat function
Q3. When I use Zoom from my smartphone the audio is muted automatically. How can I fix this?
A3. The university has configured the settings to automatically mute microphones when joining a class. There is nothing to fix.
Q4. How will attendance be taken?
A4. Please follow the instructions from your course instructor
Q5. Can I record my classes?
A5. Please don't record your classes.
Q6. I missed a class.
A6. Attendance will be handled in the same way as in regular classes. Please read the information on the Academic Office website in advance. If you are absent from a class, please contact your course instructor.
Q7. Can I participate in class together with a friend from the same PC?
A7. You cannot participate in class with a friend from the same PC, as we would not not be able to confirm your attendance. Please make sure to participate in class from your individual APU account.
Q8. I don't want my face to appear on screen, so can I take a class without showing my face? Or, can I turn off my video in the middle of class?
A8. Please follow the instructions from your course instructor
Q9. My internet connection is weak (connection is unstable, limited capacity, very slow, etc.) so I can't participate in class. What should I do?
A9. Please contact your course instructor and explain the situation. It may be possible to receive a recording of the class or to receive course materials. However, each course instructor will decide whether or not to provide these materials.
Q10. How do I share materials with my instructor or group members during a class?
A10. In principle only the course instructor is permitted to share their screen. However, in some cases students may also be permitted. Please follow your instructor's direcitons.
(How to Share your Screen)To start screen sharing, select "Share Screen" button located in your meeting tool bar. Then you can choose to share your "Desktop" or an "individual application/window". You can also select to share "computer audio" when sharing a video clip such as YouTube or a locally stored video clip.
Q11. Can I use a nickname for my screenname when I join a class?
A11. To ensure we can take attendance accurately, please do not use a nickname to attend class. You should use your full name as shown in your Zoom account.
Q12. Do we have to take the class at the scheduled time, even if there is a large time difference in our current location?
A12. Yes. Please attend your classes at the scheduled time, on Japan Standard Time.
Q13. What are the rules for students participating in classes on Zoom?
A13. Online classes via Zoom require everyone to follow the Zoom rules and use the service properly. Even when taking classes from home or other places, you must speak and behave properly as an APU student, just as you would in a regular class. Inappropriate behavior or disturbing classes violates the educational rights of other students and may be subject to disciplinary action. In addition, recording zoom classes and sharing clips over SNS or other means violates the image rights of other students and is strictly prohibited.
If you do not want to share your video during class, it is possible to set a profile picture instead. However, in principle your profile picture should be a picture of yourself. If you do not want to display an image of yourself at all it may be possible to use another picture, but the picture should be both religiously and politically appropriate as befits an APU student. Please refer the notice for further inforamation.
Q14. Can I use multiple devices such as a computer and smartphone at the same time to take a class?
A14. Each student is allowed to use only one device for participating in each online class. The maximum number of participants is limited. Joining a class using multiple devices (PC + smartphone, etc.) counts as multiple participants, and might prevent other students from being able to join the class.
Q15. What can I use as a virtual background?
A15. Students may use the virtual background function, but only APU-designated backgrounds are allowed in class to prevent disruptions caused by inappropriate images. The list of APU-designated virtual backgrounds can be found here. Please note that the virtual background function may not be available on some devices.
Q16. In addition to the meeting ID, my course instructor set a password for our class. I entered the wrong password and could not get into the room.
A16. If you enter the wrong password 5 times you will be locked out of the classroom from that device for 30 minutes.
Please double check your password is correct and make sure Caps Lock is not on. If you are locked out of the room by Zoom, please try using a different device such as a smartphone to join the classroom, then try joining the room again 30 minutes later using the original device. You should also contact your course instructor to tell them you were locked out.
Q1. How do I change my Zoom display language?
A1. There is a language option at the bottom of the Zoom website where you can change your language.
Q2. If I accidentally turn off my screen during the class, can I rejoin through the class ID?
A2. If you leave the classroom during the class, in principle you should be able to rejoin the class. If you have any issues please contact us at

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