Registration Fee

Non-APU participants (excluding students): ¥6,000
Non-APU participants (Students) : ¥3,000
APU participants (excluding students): ¥3,000
APU Students: ¥0
  • The AP Conference offers a registration fee waiver for those graduate students who will present in English.
    Please click here for details.
  • Once paid, the registration fee cannot be refunded for any reason.


Credit card transaction (Process fee of ¥500 will be charged separately.)

Successful applicants will receive information on how to pay the registration fee with their acceptance notice.


Please read the information below before submission.
  • If you are an organizer for a panel session, please note that each panel is to be formed by a maximum of 4 presenters and has a duration of 100 minutes (1h 40 minutes).
  • "One-paper-per-person" policy applies. A participant must present only one (1) paper in any capacity. This includes author and co-author. (An author of paper A cannot apply as a co-author of paper B at the same time.)
  • Please gather information about the co-author(s) of the paper (such as title, name, affiliation [university/institution], country of university/institution, email address) beforehand as they are required in this application form.
  • Co-authors who will attend the conference to present a paper with a main author (/first author) are required to pay the registration fee individually.
  • Submit abstract in APA style in the language you present. (At most 400 words in Japanese or 200 words in English).
  • Abstracts for screening should include (1) Purpose of research, (2) Methodology and results, and (3) Conclusion and relevance.
  • Research theme must be related to Asia Pacific studies under the main conference theme of "Diversity and Inclusion."
  • The RCAPS office checks all manuscripts with Turnitin software to make sure they are original and that citations have been properly done and placed in the References section.
  • Presenters cannot specify their presentation time or day.
  • Master’s students and undergraduates may be separated from general panels according to the contents of their applications.
  • The submission deadline must be strictly observed.
  • We plan to hold the AP Conference 2021 in a hybrid format, which is a combination of online and onsite. It will be held by solely online depending on the situation.
  • When participating and presenting at APU, a countermeasure for novel coronavirus applied in APU shall be followed. The detail information will be announced for onsite participants in October.
  • Please note that dining together or gatherings will not be offered.
  • Once choosing the conference participation method, changing the method will not be permitted unless the change is made by APU.
Call for Full Papers (Graduate Students Only)

The AP Conference offers a Registration Fee Waiver for those graduate students who will submit a full conference paper. The outstanding papers may be considered for publication in the Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies. Please click here for details.

RCAPS journal is accepting papers by AP conference presenters.

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies,” an academic journal published by RCAPS, is accepting papers by AP Conference presenters. If you are interested, please check the Contribution Guidelines on the relevant webpage.

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