AP Conference Application Process

Confirm application eligibility|Prepare abstract

Confirm application eligibility

Prepare abstract


Submission deadline: June 30

Screening result notification

Screening result notification (Early August ‒ Send by email)

Timetable of AP Conference announced|Program of AP Conference announced

Timetable of AP Conference announced (Early October)

Program of AP Conference announced (Late October)

Abstract book announced (Late October)
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Asia Pacific Conference

Book Writing Workshop December 2(Fri.)

Asia Pacific Conference December 3(Sat) - 4(Sun)


Application Period

April 20 (Wed) - June 30 (Thu), 2022

General Rules
  • "One-paper-per-person" policy applies. A participant must present only one (1) paper in any capacity. This includes author and co-author. (An author of paper A cannot apply as a co-author of paper B at the same time.)
  • The AP Conference secretariat checks all manuscripts with Turnitin software to make sure they are original and that citations have been properly done and placed in the References section.
  • Presentation language is either English or Japanese.
  • The presentation could be made by an individual or by a pre-formed panel (group).
  • If applying as a pre-formed panel, each panel is limited to four presenters.
  • In the case of applications for pre-formed panels, each presenter is required to submit their own application. Please register the panel title with the common title, and register each presenter's title and abstract in the presentation details. Only the representative of the panel should submit an abstract for the panel.
  • Master’s students and undergraduates may be separated from general panels according to the contents of their applications.
  • Presenters cannot specify their presentation time or day.
Participation Method

It will be held in face-to-face, although it may be held online depending on the situation.

Research Field

Please select the most relevant research field to your topic.

A Development F Linguistics/Education
B Economics/Business/Management G Natural Science
C Humanities/Arts/Media
H Social Sciences (anthropology/cultural studies/sociology)
D Information/Communication Technologies I Tourism
E International Relations/Law/Politics J Others
The Announcement of Abstract Acceptance
  • All submitted abstracts will be screened.
  • Screening results will be notified to your registered e-mail in early August.
  • The date and time of the presentation will be announced in early October.
How to Submit
  • Accepted by online registration on this website.
  • A maximum of four authors can be registered.
  • In the case of pre-formed panels, it is possible to have a maximum of four presenters per panel. Presentation time is 100 minutes (1 hour and 40 minutes).
  • Submit an abstract in the language of presentation at most 400 words in Japanese, and 150-200 words by APA style in English.
  • An abstract should Include (1) Purpose of research, (2) Methodology and results, and (3) Conclusion and relevance.
  • An e-mail notice with a reception number will be sent to the registered email address upon completion. The notice will usually be sent within a few minutes; however, if you do not receive it, you may not have completed the submission. While confirming the registration details, register yourself again.
Correction and Deletion after the Submission

You can check, modify, and cancel as many times as you can until the deadline.
In order to confirm, correct or cancel your registration, log in to the web with the ID and password obtained at the time of registration.

  • Check a login screen on the issue of recommended browsers in your computer system. Even if you have access to the web on the recommended browser, you may not be able to register depending on your computer environment. In case you cannot make it, try to register on another computer with a different computing environment.
  • Apply at an early stage, as the Internet line will be busy just before the deadline. The secretariat does not hold any responsibility for any incomplete registration due to a line congestion.
  • The secretariat does not hold any responsibility for any mistakes made by an applicant. Make sure that contents are correct before pressing the registration button.


Application is closed.

* You can also register and correct your application here. You obtain your account in the first place. Keep the login ID and password at your own risk. The secretariat cannot answer any inquiries on login IDs and passwords from a security perspective. If you have forgotten your password, reissue it from the "Forgot your password?" link on the login screen.

Registration Fee

Non-APU participants (excluding students): ¥14,000
Non-APU participants (Students) : ¥7,000
APU participants (excluding students): ¥7,000
APU Students: ¥0
  • The AP Conference offers a registration fee waiver for those graduate students who will present in English.
    Please click here for details.
  • Once paid, the registration fee cannot be refunded for any reason.
  • Co-authors who will attend the conference to present a paper with a main author (/first author) are required to pay the registration fee individually.


Credit card transaction

Successful applicants will receive information on how to pay the registration fee with their acceptance notice.

Best Paper Award (Only for Graduate students)

The AP Conference offers a Registration Fee Waiver for those graduate students who will submit a full conference paper. The outstanding papers may be considered for publication in the Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies. Please click here for details.

Award-winning paper

AY Name Affiliation Title
2019 Astha Chadha Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) India's foreign policy towards Japan: Strategic partnership amid regional transformations
2020 Tsz Chit Yui National Sun Yat-sen University Exploring the Determinants of Cyberloafing in the Workplace: A Conservation of Resources (COR) Perspective
Chiung-Ying Wu National Sun Yat-sen University
Chien-Chung Kao National Sun Yet-sen University
2020 Raphaelle Delmas Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) International climbers’ behaviour towards the payment of Mount Fuji’s conservation donation
Robin Argueyrolle

Book Writing Workshop

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies

“Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies,” an academic journal published by RCAPS, is accepting papers by AP Conference presenters. If you are interested, please check the Contribution Guidelines on the relevant webpage.

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