2024.1.28 CIL Symposium "Discussing Dual Nationality in Japan"|Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University


2024.1.28 CIL Symposium "Discussing Dual Nationality in Japan"

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The CIL Symposium " Discussing Dual Nationality in Japan" was held on January 28 with the support of the CIL subsidy.
Focusing on the issue that dual nationality is not allowed in Japan according to the Nationality Law 11-1, we invited Dr. Yuri Kondo as a keynote speaker and she gave us a speech about her recent court case and various issues surrounding dual nationality.
We hope that this symposium will provide an opportunity for more people to learn and think about the issue of dual nationality in Japan.

The video of the symposium has been uploaded to the APU official YouTube. Please click below to watch the video.

Discussing Dual Nationality in Japan

*Beware of sound volume.