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About us

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The Center for Inclusive Leadership (CIL) pursues and promotes inclusive leadership in research, education, and practice. The goal is to build a network of inclusive leaders who strive for excellence and a sustainable future. Through research and events, CIL equips professionals and students to aspire to lead inclusively, participate in creating solutions, and unleash the power of diversity.

What is Center for Inclusive Leadership (CIL)?

*Beware of sound volume.

Greetings from the Director

  • SHINOHARA Yoshiki

    SHINOHARA Yoshiki

    Associate Professor, College of International Management Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

    I am pleased to announce the commencement of the Center for Inclusive Leadership (CIL). APU is considered as one of the most culturally diverse universities in Japan. It is therefore necessary for us to continually strive to provide an environment where diverse individuals can unleash their full potential. CIL embodies this very goal through its focus on research concerning modern-day leaders and devotion towards developing leaders that will play an active role not only in Japan but also globally.

Greetings from the Deputy Director

  • ROUX Petrus Willem

    ROUX Petrus Willem

    Deputy CIL Director
    Associate Professor, Education Development and Learning Support Center

    It is a great pleasure to serve the CIL in this capacity and I look forward to working with esteemed colleagues in this area. As a member of Educational Development and Learning Support Center (EDLSC), I am excited to share and combine our resources for mutual benefit and to support our faculty, staff and students. The unique diversity that exists at APU has enormous potential for creating and forging new pathways for learning and development, not only in the fields of inclusivity and leadership, but will also influence anyone willing to participate. It is my hope to help encourage, harness and unleash these powers of unity inherent to diversity in ways that will impact, shape and sustain societies here and elsewhere for the benefit of all.

Greetings from the Managing Director

  • ALCANTARA Lailani L.

    ALCANTARA Lailani L.

    Managing Director
    Professor, College of International Management Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

    It is my great pleasure to serve as the Managing Director of the Center for Inclusive Leadership (CIL). The center is built upon the reputation of APU as a highly diverse and unique institution in Japan. It aims to take the next step in making diversity and inclusion a core value by generating new thinking and research on inclusive leadership and building public awareness about the importance of inclusive leadership in making business and social impact. I look forward to working closely with thinkers in universities and society and building partnerships with corporations and other institutions who share our mission.

Greetings from the Adviser

  • OTAKE Toshitsugu

    OTAKE Toshitsugu

    CIL Adviser
    Professor, College of International Management Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

    Through the support of the Private University Branding Project, the Center for Inclusive Leadership will focus on Inclusive Leadership not only in theoretical terms, it will include practical application and education. I believe that APU will be recognized as an institution that can offer solutions to the problems facing contemporary society. We will partner with national and global scholars, business leaders, educational institutions, and certification organizations to create a global basis of research on Inclusive Leadership.

The CIL logo

The CIL logo was designed by Professor Jonghee Jung.
This design won the logo design competition and was adopted as the center’s official symbol. The design has the following meanings.


Drawing inspiration from the Japanese saying “Jyu-nin to-iro” (⼗⼈⼗⾊), literally meaning “10 people 10 colors”, the logo features 10 socalled “feathers” colored differently. These colorful feathers represent diversity, one of the core values of CIL and APU.


These 10 feathers form an arrow, reflecting the determination and power to fly forward. With all our “colors” (uniqueness and differences), we will create powerful synergy, strength and progressive momentum to move forward when we coexist and cooperate with each other.


Looking more closely, you can also notice that the first and last feathers have the same dark red color as in the logo of APU, the home venue for CIL, where inclusion and inclusive leadership are embraced and valued.