FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q01Is there a guidance session on how to use the library?
Guidance Sessions are held during Freshman Orientation and Freshman Workshop. The library also holds regular Database Seminars. Information on these events is posted on the campus terminal, so please feel free join us sometime.
Q02How can I reserve a book from the Ritsumeikan University Library?
Books can be reserved from Ritsumeikan Unviersity via the RUNNERS search system. Click on “Reserve” and use your APU-Net ID and follow the guidelines given. Periodicals from Ritsumeikan University can be requested from the Reference counter and used in the APU library upon arrival. Please fill out a Reservation Form at the Reservation Counter.
Q03There is a New Arrivals corner for books, but is there one for magazines or periodicals?
There is no New Arrivals corner for periodicals and magazines, but there is a section called Current Periodicals Corner. We receive dozens of arrivals daily. New arrivals can be seen on RUNNERS OPAC.
Q04I cannot find the book that I am looking for, what should I do?
Please check the status of the book on RUNNERS to make sure that it has not been checked out by someone else. If it is not out on loan, it will be in the library. If you still cannot locate it, please come to the counter for assistance. While we do our best to keep the books in order, library users must also make sure they return the books to exactly where they found them. If you cannot remember where to return a book, please place it in one of the Book Return Carts
Q05I would like to read today’s newspaper, but it is always being read by someone else, especially, the Nikkei Newspaper.
Unfortunately we cannot buy more than one copy of the same newspaper. However, they can be accessed on online databases, for example, if you want to read the Nikkei Newspaper, you can go to their online database, Nikkei Telecom 21. Please click here.
Q06How do I use the databases?
Database Sessions are held periodically, please feel free to attend one of these sessions. The Reference Counter will also be able to help you, so please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.
Q07Can the online databases be accessed from outside of the library?
Yes. You can access the online databases from any computers on campus. You may also access the databases from your own computer if you have an APU VPN connection. Click here for more information on how to setup a VPN connection.
Q08The book I want to read is in the Reserve Corner. Where is the Reserve Corner and what kind of corner it is?
See here for a detailed explanation.
Q09I have forgotten my ID card. Can I still enter the library?
Yes, you can enter the library by filling out a form provided at the entrance. However, you will not be able to borrow books.
Q10After searching for a book on RUNNERS, the location is listed as APU Library Reading Room. Where should I go?
The APU Library Reading Room refers to bookshelves on the second floor. Books on the bookshelves are arranged according to their call numbers. Please ask at the counter if you have any inquiries.
Q11What is a Call Number?
A Call Number is a number given to a book to classify it. Call numbers are on the spines of the books, which can be used as a reference when looking for a book.
Q12I cannot find a book which is meant to be in the “APU Reading Room” according to RUNNERS.
Check the size of the book, if the book is oversized, it will be kept on the bottom shelves.
Q13The book I borrowed is now overdue, what should I do?
The APU library will charge overdue fees for anything overdue. The fee is 50 yen per day, per item. Please pay this with APU stamps. You will not be allowed to borrow books until your fine has been paid. You will not be able to graduate if you have unpaid fines or unreturned books.
Q14Is there anywhere in the library where we can hold meetings and use materials from the library?
You can use the presentation room or the group study rooms on the 1st floor of the library to hold meetings while using library materials. The rooms can be used by groups of 3 or more people, with a maximum of 30 people, and can be used for up to 2 class hours (95min x 2), with the possibility of extending the use if no reservations have been made after you. Please reserve the rooms via the Library website Room Reservation.
Q15Is there any place to eat in the library?
NO! Eating is strictly prohibited inside the library. If found eating, you will be asked to leave. However, drinks with a cap or lids on them are allowed in PANGAEA 1 and PANGAEA 2 on the first floor.
Q16Can we enter the Multimedia Rooms from the library?
Yes, the Multimedia Rooms can be accessed from the library on class days. On non-class days please enter from the entrance of Building D in front of Building H after 18:10.
Q17I left something in the library, what should I do?
Things left behind at the library and have been reported are stored at Central Security Office, so please visit Central Security Office.
Q18I lost a library book. What should I do?
If you lose a library book, please inform the counter right away. If not, it will still be in the system as borrowed. Once the library is informed, purchasing and replacing the copy of the book for the library will be your responsibility. Money will not be accepted as compensation. You will not be able to borrow any books until the lost book has been replaced. The same rule applies to damaged books.