What is "PANGAEA"

Until the Late Paleozoic era, the Earth’s landmasses were concentrated into one continent. Over time, this landmass broke up and moved into the positions and forms we are familiar with now. Using the analogy of this great landmass, we have named the Learning Commons in the APU Library "PANGAEA". The name of this single continent is taken from ancient Greek words meaning "all of earth ".

1F Active Study "Ocean Floor"

As a venue for group discussions, presentations, learning support and other activities, the first floor has been dubbed Ocean Floor, evoking an image of the "active sea."

PANGAEA 1 Group Learning Area
This area provides space for group study, presentations and other activities.
You may use this space freely for discussion or debates. You may move tables and chairs as you wish.
PANGAEA 2 Collaborative Learning Area
This area is intended to provide students a space to study collaboratively in groups.
PANGAEA 3 Dialogue Area
In this area, students can undergo academic advising and receive report writing guidance and other types of study support.

2F Silent Study "Forest Floor"

This floor primarily provides self-study space based on the concept of a "silent forest", with the library as a continuation of the mountain range adjacent to the campus.

PANGAEA 4 Individual Study Area
This area is designed specifically for individual study, and includes an expansive view from the window counter seats.
PANGAEA 5 Intensive Study Area
This room is divided into private study spaces including 8 study booths and 15 carrel desks. Students can use this area when intense concentration in required.
PANGAEA 6 Reflective Study Area
These seats located near the bookshelves are convenient for use while searching for materials.
PANGAEA 7 Media Room
This room may be used for viewing movie and language education DVDs and video tapes which may only be used within the library.