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Project Outline

What is an Inclusive Leader?

Inclusive Leaders are individuals who can tap into diverse personalities, abilities and qualities, and accept these diverse values as part of the community; and can convert diversity into organizational power.

The Aims of this Project

This project will close the gap between academic research in business education and business practices through research into the cultivation of inclusive leaders and practice. Through devising theories and systems, we will build a new foundation for business education in our ever-globalizing modern world.

PILLAR 1 Business Practice Research and Application
Case development based on businesses in the Asia Pacific region.
PILLAR 2 Research into Teaching Methods and Application
Development of teaching materials on the topics of multicultural collaborative learning, project-based learning, and the case method.
PILLAR 3 Theoretical Research
Output from the construction of a theoretical framework and research results.

We will undertake the cultivation of inclusive leaders through the practical application of the above three pillars. Additionally, we will contribute to the realization of a rich and vibrant society in Japan and around the world through sharing information with businesses and educational research institutions in Japan and abroad while circulating this process and its results back as feedback for further research.