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All about Inclusive Teaching and DITA

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As part of CIL efforts, we have introduced Diversity and Inclusion Teaching Assistant (DITA) as a new support system to assist APU faculty members in practicing and promoting inclusive teaching in classrooms and to provide more TA (Teaching Assistant) opportunities to help develop inclusive leadership mindsets among APU students.

“DITA Notes” that is based on APU instructors’ teaching experience with DITAs in the Fall semester 2020 has been published below. Instructors give ingenious lectures in the international diverse environment here in APU. We hope DITA Note can meet your expectation.
DITA Notes (PDF)

In addition, “DITA Report” that is the survey results from APU students who attended the courses DITAs supported in the fall semester 2020 has been also published. Please listen to the voice from APU students.
DITA Report (PDF)