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TGU AY2017 External Evaluation Committee Meeting Held

On Saturday, July 15 and Sunday, July 16, 2017, APU held the Top Global University Project (TGU) AY2017 External Evaluation Committee Meeting on campus, bringing in five external evaluation committee members.
On the first day, APU President Shun KORENAGA along with executives from the university reported on progress for initiatives as well as future challenges under the following four themes: 1) Education, 2) Enhancing the Capabilities of Faculty and Staff (FD/SD), 3) AOL (APM/GSM), and 4) Involvement of APU Alumni. Student Hearing Sessions, where external evaluation committee members were free to question APU students about their life at APU, were also held.
On the second day of the committee meeting, the External Evaluation Committee took the reports from the university and student hearings from the first day and offered expectations and advice regarding APU’s future efforts, as an exchange of opinions was carried out.

<TGU External Evaluation Committee Members>
Prof. Ki-Jeong Lee Vice President for International Affairs, Hanyang University; Vice President, APAIE
Mr. Hiroyuki Takita President, Oita Paper Products Co., Ltd.
Dr. Kay Thomas Former Director, Office of International Students and Scholars, University of Minnesota, Former President, NAFSA
Prof. Masahiro Yokota Dean, School of Global Japan Studies, Meiji University
Mr. Seitaka Yoshida President of APU Alumni Association (March 2006, College of Asia Pacific Management)

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