APU Moodle (LMS)

A Learning Management System (LMS) was introduced to APU in AY 2001 to promote and support learning in class, provide a place for communication between instructors and students and among students, and as a tool for out of class learning. From AY 2023, the cloud-based service “APU Moodle” was introduced for class support including the distribution of lecture materials, the submission of reports, and attendance management. Moodle is a global standard open source e-Learning platform used by over 70 million people in over 230 countries worldwide. “APU Moodle” is a system customized for APU use with the Moodle system as its base.  As Moodle is an LMS being used in various countries in the world, answers for matters that are not listed here may be found by searching with the keywords “Moodle ‘function’” in a search engine such as Google. Please be sure to refer to this information.


When working in each course, please follow the directions of the course instructor.

You could see the TA manual on Lecture TAs web page.

No. Function Manual Notes
1 Login to APU Moodle PDF https://lms.apu.ac.jp/
* An error occurred if you log in by more than one PC.
2 Dashboard PDF
3 My course PDF
4 Icons on screen PDF
5 Check for lecture content PDF
6 Taking Quiz PDF You could not take “Quiz” from Smartphone.
6.5 Safe Exam Browser PDF When taking Moodle tests in class, you will be asked to install this app. If you have issues using SEB on your own device(PC), please use the rental PC locker on the 3rdfloor of Building D.
7 Answering Questionnaire PDF
8 Forum PDF Discussion
9 Submission of Assignment PDF
10 Send Attendance PDF
11 Using Workshop PDF peer review for assignment
12 e-portfolio PDF

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