Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies *Volume 6, December 2000 *Volume 5, June 2000

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies  *Volume 6, December 2000

Special Issue:
Japan Scholarship in International Academic Discourse

Author Title
Pamela J. ASQUITH Introduction: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on the Marginalisation of Japanese Scholarship
Takami KUWAYAMA "Native" Anthropologists: With Special Reference to Japanese Studies Inside and Outside Japan
Jan van BREMEN Open Gateways over Blind Alleys: Disciplinary Perspectives and their Effects upon International Discourses in Anthropology
Pamela J. ASQUITH The Right to Differ, but How to be Understood? Challenges to Presenting and Critiquing Japanese Disciplinary Perspectives
J. S. EADES "Why Don't They Write in English?" Academic Modes of Production and Academic Discourses in Japan and the West(PDF)
Sonja ARNTZEN In Defense of Kokoro: The Study of Classical Japanese Literature in North America within the Context of the Debate over a World System of Anthropology
James R. BARTHOLOMEW Overcoming Marginality in Japan's Scientific Community
Akitoshi SHIMIZU The World System or Local Systems? National Anthropologies in the West And Japan

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies  *Volume 5, June 2000

Symposia Reports
International Conference on Global Education, Beppu, July 1999

Opening Statement

Speaker Speech
Kazuichi SAKAMOTO Openning Statement(PDF)
Morihiko HIRAMATSU Welcome Speech
Nobuyuki INOUE Welcome Speech

Session One: Inter-University Networking

Speaker Presentation
Hiroyuki YUSHITA Keynote Address
Yavaprabhas SUPACHAI Presentation
Katsuhiko SHIRAI Presentation
Kazuichi SAKAMOTO Presentation(PDF)
Yavaprabhas SUPACHAI The ASEAN University Network: Relations with the EU, Korea, and Japan
  Summary and Discussion

Session Two: Human Resource Development and University Network

Speaker Presentation
Edgar PORTER Presentation(PDF)
Richard BRADDOCK Presentation
YU Yang International Cooperation Practices in Dongbei University of Finance & Economics, and its Relations with the Local Government
Yuji JIDO A Proposal from APU: University Consortium for Asia Pacific Studies (UNICAPS)(PDF)
  Closing Discussion

Papers from the Symposium on The Search for Peace in Northeast Asia, Kyoto, December 1999. 

Speaker Papers
Yasushi AKASHI Chairman`s Statement
Robert A. SCALAPINO The Korean Peninsula: Prospects and Policies
Arnold KANTER Strengthening Security and Stability in Northeast Asia: Prospects, Problems, and Opportunities
Yasushi AKASHI Concluding Remarks


Author Title
ALfonso T. YUCHENGCO Philippines-Japan Economic Cooperation after the East Asian Financial crisis
Makitaro HOTTA The Role of Universities in Developing Leaders for Governance
A. MANI Remaining a Prepared Society: Identifying the best for University Education in Singapore(PDF)
Takehiko KONDO Toward a Common Currency for the Asia Pacific Region

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