Asia Pacific Conference APU International Conference Subsidy / Other International Conference
AY 2022 20th Asia Pacific Conference
AY 2021 19th Asia Pacific Conference
Diversity and Inclusion
AY 2020 18th Asia Pacific Conference
Asia Pacific and Beyond: A Pursuit for Inclusion and Innovation
AY 2019 Governance in the Asia Pacific: Politics, Economics, Business and Environment
AY 2018 Regenerating Localities in a Global World
AY 2017 Global Perspectives in Changing Local Landscapes
AY 2016 The Changing Asia Pacific: Sharing Knowledge, Shaping the Future

The 34th International Academic Conference of The Japanese modern Association of Korea (Japanese)

AY 2015 Societal Transformation in Asia Pacific: Charting the Waves of Change

■The 5th Advances in Hospitality & Tourism Marketing and Management Conference (5th AHTMM Conference)

■What are Mountains to Korean People?
– An approach from the humanities

AY 2014 Ethics, Human Security and Sustainability: Knowledge and Practices in Asia Pacific

■Regional Integration (Geoeconomics) and Geopolitics in East Asia

AY 2013 Revitalization and Development

■International Geographical Union Regional Congress 2013 Pre-Conference Meeting:
Tourism between Tradition and Modernity

■International Conference on Managing the North Korea Crisis

AY 2012 AY2012 Asia Pacific Conference (AP Conference)

■2013 Winter Conference on Advancements in Business, Economics and Innovation Management Research

■International Conference on Water Security

AY 2011 Change in the Asia Pacific

■Transcultural International Relations: Theory and Pedagogy from "Asian" Perspectives on Political Authority and Global Governance


■2012 Winter Conference on Advancements in Business, Economics and Innovation Management Research

AY 2010 Outlook for the Asia Pacific

■2011 International Winter Conference on Environmental Innovations and Sustainability

■From Bullets to Bandwidths: Political Violence in the Age of Fiber Optics

■Keeping the United States Engaged in the AsiaPacific?Strategies of the Asian Countries

AY 2009 Reflections on the Asia Pacific -Past, Present and Future-
AY 2008 The Asia Pacific and the Emerging World System
Fulfilling the 2010 South African World Cup Promise: Learning from the 2002 Japan - Korea Experience

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