Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies *Volume 8, December 2001 *Volume 7, April 2001

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies  *Volume 8, December 2001

Special Issue:
Higher Education Reform in East Asia: A Comparative Perspective

Author Title
Roger GOODMA The State of Higher Education in the East Asia; Higher Education in the East Asia and the State
David PALFREYMAN Higher Education in the United Kingdom: A Viable Elite-Mass 'Third Way'?
Su-Ann OH The Work of Academics in England and China: Case Studies in Comparative Perspective
Bo PENG Administrative Modernization or New Public Management? Recent Chinese Higher Education Reform
Jung-Hua CHOU Taiwan's Higher Education in Transition: A Personal View
David FAURE Higher Education Reforms and Intellectual Schizophrenia in Hong Kong
J. S. EADES Reforming Japanese Higher Education: Bureaucrats, the Birthrate,and Visions of the 21st Century(PDF)
Gregory POOLE 'Crisis at Japanese Universities': Amano Ikuo on Japanese
Luke NOTTAGE Reformist Conservatism and Failures of Imagination in Japanese Legal Education

Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies  *Volume 7, April 2001

Constructing Asia Pacific Studies

International Symposia: Nov 4th and Nov 11th, 2000
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Creating an Asia Pacific Style of Management Education

Speaker Speech
Nonaka Ikujiro Towards Creating an Asia Pacific Style of Management Education for the 21st Century
David McClain Discovering an Asia Pacific Style of Management Education
Teck-Meng Tan and Wee-Liang Tan Challenges Confronting Asia Pacific Nations in the 21st Century
Peter Steane and Elizabeth More Towards a Philosophy of Management Learning: Challenges for the New Millennium
Yavaprabhas Supachai Toward Creating an ASEAN Way of Management: The Role of the ASEAN University Network Secretariat (AUNS)
Kim Dong-Ki Higher Business Education in Korea: Current Status, Problems, and Future Prospects
Mun Beung-Geun Towards the Internationalization of Management Education in Pusan National University

Reshaping Asia Pacific Studies: New Perspectives and Tasks

Speaker Speech
Kee Pookong Tribute to Professor Hotta
Nagata Toyoomo Speech of Welcome
Hiramatsu Morihiko Speech of Welcome
Funabashi Yoichi Asia Pacific Regionalism: Present State and Future Prospects
Sakamoto Kazuichi Creating a New Style of Asia Pacific Studies(PDF)
Kee Poo-kong Reshaping Asia Pacific Studies: Some Challenges and Prospects
Michael Jeffery Globalization and the Role of Australian Universities in the Twenty-First Century
Richard Braddock The Status of Asian Studies and Its Future Directions
Edgar A. Porter Leading or Following? The Response of U.S Universities to Globalization(PDF)
Joshua S. Mostow Asia Pacific Studies: The View from Vancouver
Young Jo Lee Asia Pacific Studies for the Asia Pacific Age
Monte Cassim Laying the Foundations for Asia Pacific Studies at APU: Possibilities offered by ARISE 2000(PDF)
J. S. Eades New Direction in Asia Pacific Studies: A Summary(PDF)
Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao Some Observations on the Middle Classes in East and Southeast Asia
Xu Xin The Dynamics of the Taiwan Question and Chinese Foreign Policy: Dialectics of National Identity and International Constraints

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