Off-campus Study Programs Currently Recruiting | Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Off-campus Study Programs Currently Recruiting

Off-campus Study Programs Currently Recruiting

This page lists all of the Off-campus Study Programs currently recruiting students.

Please check regularly to make sure you don't miss out on applying.

  • Nihongo Partners [AY2023]

    Nihongo Partners [AY2023]

    Application Period 2022年5月18日(水)-6月8日(水)午前10:00
    Program Length Approx. 3.5 months
    Program Timing August 2022 - December 2022
  • Buseiness Internships [AY2022]

    Buseiness Internships [AY2022]

    Application Period Mon., May 16 - Mon., June 20, 2022; 9:00 a.m.
    Program Length Approx. 2-4 weeks
    Program Timing Summer Break (August - September)
  • EXPLORE Program [AY2022 Spring Semester]

    EXPLORE Program [AY2022 Spring Semester]

    Application Period 4月中旬から募集開始予定
    Program Length Approx. 3-5 weeks
    Program Timing 夏休み期間(8-9月)
  • Overseas Short-term Summer Programs [AY2022]

    Overseas Short-term Summer Programs [AY2022]

    Application Period Differs per program.
    Students need to apply at least one week before the respective program’s application deadline.
    Program Length Approx. 1-4 weeks
    Program Timing 2nd Quarter - Summer Break (June - August)
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