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  • Why - Why We Recommend the Off-campus Study Program


    Why We Recommend the Off-campus Study Program

  • Strengths - Strengths of the Off-campus Study Program


    Strengths of the Off-campus Study Program

  • Learning Model - 4-Year Learning Model

    Learning Model

    4-Year Learning Model

APU conducts many Off-campus Study Programs every year, and shares their experiences, challenges, and achievements among the programs. In addition, we are making improvements each time based on the feedback from participating students. There is also the advantage of participating in the Off-campus Study Program because it is an APU where various students study together on campus.

Synergistic effect of Off-campus and On-campus

At APU, domestic and international students with diverse cultural backgrounds and values are engaged in various activities on campus, regardless of whether they are regular curricular classes or extracurricular activities. Students participate in the Off-campus Study Program and return to campus with new insights, interests and values. After that, they can deepen the knowledge and interests gained by challenging various activities on campus, and can also make new discoveries on campus. This synergistic effect of On-campus and Off-campus further enhances student interaction at APU.


  • More realistic cross-cultural experience
  • Experience in an unfamiliar environment
  • Teamwork
  • Challenge
  • Encounter
  • Language utilization in practice
  • ・・・


  • Multicultural Collaborative Learning
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Classes offered in other languages
  • SALC
  • TA (Teaching Assistant)
  • ・・・

Fusion of theory and experience

APU has designed the Off-campus Study Program to maximize the effectiveness of learning. Most of the Off-campus Study Programs offer pre-program and post-program classes on campus prior to practicum. Through the pre-program classes, participants can acquire the knowledge necessary for the practicum and clarify the goals through the program in advance, making the best use of the time at the practicum site to achieve a high learning effect. In addition, after the practicum, you can receive feedback from instructors, senior students, and other participants, and you can visualize and feel your own growth.

Pre-program classes

  • knowledge pre-input
  • Understanding of research methods
  • Clarification of goals


  • A realistic experience in an environment that jumps out of the comfort zone
  • Learning gained from the gap with prior assumptions
  • New interests and discoveries

Post-program classes

  • Deepening learning from feedback from faculty members and participants

Multicultural Collaborative Learning

At APU, we aim to equip students with multicultural competencies that enable them to grow into human resources who "change the world" through multicultural collaborative learning in which students with various differences and diversity learn from each other. Off-campus Study Programs also offers programs for multicultural competence. There are also programs in which domestic and international students work together, and programs in which students decide on a theme and conduct research activities, and they are actively engaged in off-campus activities. By collaborating with students from various backgrounds, they will develop the background to play an active role in the global society.

Obtaining credits required for graduation

All APU Off-campus Study Programs can earn credits by earning a certain level of evaluation, just like regular curricular classes. In addition, most of Off-campus Study Programs are conducted during periods when regular classes are not held, such as quarter breaks and long vacations. In that case, you can basically earn more credits than the maximum number of credits you can register for each semester. Therefore, you can work on it without reducing the learning opportunities on campus.

Abundant Student Support

APU has sent students on many Off-campus Programs, both domestic and overseas. We have repeatedly reviewed and improved our programs, and as a result, we now have a flawless support system which covers a wide range of areas, from academics to risk management. If you are interested in any of APU's Off-campus Programs, please feel free to contact the Academic Office. You can read more about the most recent programs below.

APU Service Learning Program
APU Global Research Program
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