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Study Abroad Support

Study Abroad Support

We provide various types of support for studying abroad, such as advice on choosing a university or learning English.

Please use these services to prepare for your study abroad.

  • Scholarships for Studying Abroad
    Scholarships for Studying Abroad

    In some cases, students can receive scholarships for the Off-campus Programs. This page introduces scholarships from the Japanese government and private organizations available through the university. (These scholarships are mainly for students with Japanese nationality or permanent residence in Japan.)

  • Individual Consultations (SEAs, Academic Office)
    Individual Consultations (SEAs, Academic Office)

    Students have two options when booking individual consultations for questions about student exchange: consultations with Academic Office staff and the SEA (Student Exchange Advisor) Advising Booth. Depending on your question, one option may be more suitable than the other. For details, please check the reservation page.

  • Language Proficiency Exams
    Language Proficiency Exams

    For some programs, such as the Overseas Exchange Program, you will need to obtain a certain score on a language proficiency exam in order to participate. You can also take these exams on campus.

  • SALC (Self-Access Learning Center)
    SALC (Self-Access Learning Center)

    At SALC (Self-Access Learning Center), there are study materials available for students of all levels, and students can effectively improve the areas they need to work on through guided self-study. In addition, PAs (Peer Advisors) are there to answer any questions or assist in conversation practice.

  • BOOST Program
    BOOST Program

    *For Japanese-basis students only
    This is an English language skills improvement program for students currently taking Pre-Intermediate or Intermediate English classes. The program aims to improve your IELTS score by having you take classes specifically designed to prepare you for the IELTS examination. While the primary goal of this program is to improve your English skills, the name of the program reflects our hope that you will use your inner strength and enthusiasm as a driving force to further accelerate your growth.
    We invite you to accelerate your learning in this program!

  • Risk Management
    Risk Management

    APU provides insurance as well as 24-hour emergency support for all students on Off-campus Programs that involve overseas travel. Please read the guidelines to familiarize yourself with these systems and to prepare yourself for studying abroad.

  • Buddy Program for Incoming Exchange Students (APU BUDDY)
    Buddy Program for Incoming Exchange Students (APU BUDDY)

    APU BUDDY volunteers help exchange students from overseas get used to APU and life in Japan as soon as possible. If you are interested, please join the team.
    Note: This is not a program that directly supports your own study abroad.

  • Student Exchange Café
    Student Exchange Café

    Student Exchange Cafes are casual talks and events, each with a specific theme. You can learn about the appeal of going on exchange and the necessary preparations from APU students who previously went on exchange and from presentations given by faculty members. The purpose of a Cafe is not only to provide you with information, but also to give you an opportunity to connect with other participants. This event is also recommended for students who want to find new friends and acquaintances who share their goals.

  • Student Exchange Fair
    Student Exchange Fair

    You can visit the booths to get answers to your questions about each university. This is an opportunity for you to learn about the strengths of each university, the courses offered there, the learning environment, and local life in that country. Please join us at the Fair if you would like real, pertinent information about host countries and universities to aid you in choosing an exchange destination!

  • Maintaining your Health / Mental Health / Culture Shock
    Maintaining your Health /Mental Health /Culture Shock

    The cross-cultural adjustment process during and after student exchange may affect you physically and mentally. You can learn more about how to cope and where to get help here.

  • Job Hunting
    Job Hunting

    Review this information if you are concerned about balancing your student exchange with your job hunting.

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