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Field Research Project

Field Research Project

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What is the Field Research Project?

The Field Research Project is a seminar-based program for students in their third and fourth year of study. The purpose of this program is to help students acquire in-depth expertise and use the results of their research to write their graduation thesis. During the session and long vacations, students will continue their seminar study, focusing on practical training off campus. The program to be implemented will be determined each semester.

Field Research Project [AY2022 Spring Semester]

Its contents might be cancelled or changed in affection of the spread of COVID-19 or other reasons.

We are recruiting participants for the "Field Research Project" for Spring semesters as follows.
If you would like to participate, please read the application guidelines carefully before applying.
Program Length Approx. 1-3 weeks (Differs depending on the program) Program Timing Summer Break (August - September)
Location Joetsu city Acquired Skills/Abilities
  • Problem-solving
  • Specialized Knowledge
  • Logical Thinking
Program fee 10,000 to 420,000 JPY, depending on the program
Number of Participants 15 to 30 (varies by program) Application Period April 13, 2022 April 27, 2022 (16:30)
Eligibility 5th-7th Semester students (whether international or domestic)
Students who will be taking the Seminar course; including the Sub-seminar course, for 3rd and 4th year students given by the faculty member in charge of the program during the semester that it is offered (AY2022 Spring Semester), and s/he plans to continue the same Seminar course during the next semester (AY2022 Fall Semester)
*There are other application requirements. Please check the Application Information for details.
Additional Information
Guidance Session Will be held in mid April 2022
How to Apply Apply through the following survey (The survey will be opened in recruitment period)

The Syllabus and the Application Information will be notified to eligible students individually.

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