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The APU GLAD (Global Learning for sustAinable Development) is an online program that takes advantage of APU's unique multicultural environment, offered to 1st – 2nd semester students (domestic and international).

Based on the PBL (Project Based Learning) method, Participants will consider projects that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through group work with multicultural members. Participants actively exchange opinions with members with diverse language and cultural backgrounds, including students from overseas partner universities. Participants will understand the world's problems as a world citizen and seek further solutions while deepening their learning through lectures by guest speakers including alumni who are active in the world and the support and feedback of senior students.

This program was developed to provide opportunities for multicultural collaborative learning utilizing APU’s multicultural, multilingual, multinational campus environment even under circumstances where students cannot physically come to campus or travel overseas.

The focal areas of learning in this program are as follows:

  1. 1) Learn several frameworks for perceiving the world as a global citizen.
  2. 2) Learn methods to actualize and make contributions to the world, not limited to words.
  3. 3) Learn what students must learn about on the university campus and through overseas studies.
  4. 4) Learn effective communication skills in Japanese and English through Hybrid-style group work.

We hope that students interested in collaborative learning with other students of diverse backgrounds will participate in this program.

What kind of the knowledge, attitudes and skills are needed to make use of the learning at APU to the global field? How can students gain that through collaborative learning with the members in multicultural background? To learn them, this APU GLAD program was created. In this class, participants will work in small groups to create a viable program to realize the SDGs. Not only will you deepen your understanding of the SDGs, but through collaborative work across the cultural and linguistic differences, you will acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to become world-changers as expressed in APU 2030 vision, as well as the foundation for continuing your learning at university and in society. In addition, lectures by APU alumni who are active in the SDGs field on how they have linked their learning at APU to their current activities, which provides hints on how to connect you with the SDGs.

Professor KONDO Yuchi
Education Development and Learning Support Center

APU GLAD [2022]

This program is implemented without oversea trave by utilizing online resources.

We are recruiting participants for "APU GLAD Program" for 1st year students as follows.
If you would like to participate, please read the application guidelines carefully before applying.
Program Length Conducted during regular class Program Timing Spring semester 2nd quarter
Location Online (Students living in Japan need to participate in-person.) Acquired Skills/Abilities
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Sense of Diversity
Program fee Free
Number of Participants Approx. 150 Application Period Fri. April 1 - Wed. April 20, 2022(16:30)
Eligibility 1st-2nd Semester students (whether international or domestic)
Additional Information
Guidance Session First half of 4th period (14:20-), Wed., April 13, 2022
Conducted online
Zoom Meeting ID: 937 1103 9114
*Recording of the guidance session is available here. (Available until April 20)
How to Apply Please complete the Online Application Form after reading the Application Information and Syllabus carefully.
(Note1) The online application website (Microsoft Forms) will be accessible at the start of the application period.
(Note2) If you have any questions about the online application, please contact us at: first@apu.ac.jp or visit the Academic Office.

The above is an overview of the program. Please be sure to check the details from the Syllabus and the Application Information below before applying.

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