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Double Degree Program (Undergraduate) NEOMA Business School (NBS)

Double Degree Program (Undergraduate) NEOMA Business School (NBS)

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Program Charactersitics

The aim of the double degree program is to enable students from APU and Neoma Business School (NBS) to take subjects for two years at each university (four years in total) to receive the degrees from both universities. NBS is one of the few French Business Schools to have the Triple Crown Accreditation of AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS, and is as such a renowned business school. As such, receiving a degree from both APU and NBS is a great way to enrich students‘ studies. Students from APU will be challenged in new ways while studying at NBS, having to actively engage in discussions on business and management in English with local students. Students will have to learn French, and have to take part in an internship that is at minimum 18 weeks long.

Receiving two degrees in 4 years is not easy. Therefore, students need to keep themselves motivated and actively engaged in studies and extra-curricular activities throughout these 4 years. At the end of this, the experience gained as a result of the hard efforts put in, will provide a great advantage in an increasingly internationalized society.

In order to provide some context, please find below a chart comparing the regular study abroad exchange program and the DUDP.

Study Abroad Exchange Program Double Degree Program
Duration of the study abroad Up to 1 year 2 years
Subjects students take Students choose a number of subjects they want to take Very little choice, mostly decided by NBS
Number of years until graduation 4 years 4 years
Degrees obtained upon graduation Bachelor degree from APU Bachelor degrees from both APU and NBS
Program Schedule
Semester Fall Enrollees Spring Enrollees Enrolled University
Fall 1st Semester APU
Spring 2nd Semester 1st Semester APU
Fall 3rd Semester 2nd Semester NBS
Spring 4th Semester 3rd Semester NBS
Fall 5th Semester 4th Semester NBS
Spring 6th Semester 5th Semester NBS
Fall 7th Semester 6th Semester APU
Spring 8th Semester 7th Semester APU
Fall 8th Semester APU

Credit Acquisition During the Program

Double Degree Program students need to plan their studies well in advance and make sure that they obtain the designated number of credits for each university to complete the program in 4 years.
Below are charts describing the model of credit acquisition during the program. Students should complete a minimum of 120 ECTS at NBS (excluding transferred credits) to earn a degree from NBS.

Model of Credit Acquisition for Fall (September) Enrollees
Model of Credit Acquisition for Spring (April) Enrollees

Note: Transfer of up to 60 credits from the credits obtained from curricular subjects at NBS is allowed. However, only credits for subjects related to those offered at APU can be transferred (e.g. credits from sports, arts, etc. are not transferrable).

Academics of the Program

Concrete study plan for the time abroad is absolutely necessary. The Double Degree Program coordinators in both APU and NBS work with students to help them create the most appropriate study plan. The curriculum at NBS is relatively strict and does not allow for a lot of choice. Therefore, creating a study plan that keeps that in mind for when students return to APU is all the more important, since students have to satisfy both APU and NBS graduation requirements in 4 year.

NBS Requirements for Program Completion

1) Designated subject

The subject students can register for at NBS are pre-determined based on what semester they are in their studies at APU.
Students are required to take the subjects indicated on the study plan chart during their respective semesters. In principle, students are not allowed to take any subjects not indicated on the chart.

2) Internship

In principle, students are required to undertake an internship to earn a degree at NBS. Internships will take place during the final semester of the students’exchange.
Internships will take place within France and will generally span for 22 weeks, with 18 weeks being the minimum weeks necessary for an internship. Students will be required to choose from a list of 60,000 organizations with connection to NBS to undertake their internship. Internships cannot be undertaken within Japan or another country.

3) Language subjects

Students are required to take English and French language subjects to earn a degree at NBS. In the case that a student’s native language is English or French, they will be required to take another specified language subject.

*In the case that the NBS curriculum is revised, its graduation requirements may also change.

Program Fees

1) APU Tuition and Scholarships

Double Degree Program students pay tuition to APU during the 4 years in the program. Students do not have to pay tuition to NBS!
JASSO scholarships may be available for domestic Japanese students.
Tuition reduction scholarships will remain in effect even while on exchange for students who meet the scholarship continuation conditions before leaving APU.

2) Fees

The following fees will be the responsibility of the participant during the program period.

Fee Amount
Accommodation* Approx. € 9600 / 2 years
Insurance Approx. 280,000 JPY / 2 years
Insurance required from NBS TBA
Other Expenses
(travel expenses, meals, books, passport/visa application fees, entertainment and any other fees incurred for the participant’s private activities)
Approx. 1,100,000 JPY / 2 years

*Dormitories are available but not guaranteed.

Please also check this St. Edward’s University official webpage for up-to-date fees.

Dismissal from the Program

Participants who fail to meet the program requirements including GPA and credit requirements will be dismissed from the program.

Academic Office/Undergraduate Dual Degree Program Team
E-mail :

Double Degree Program (NBS) [2023 Fall Departure]

This is the information for the AY 2023 Double Degree Program with Neoma Business School.
Program Length 4 years (2 years study abroad period) Program Timing Study abroad period:
Fall enrollees: Semester 3 - Semester 6 of enrollment
Spring enrollees: Semester 2 - Semester 5 of enrollment
Location Reims, France Acquired Skills/Abilities
  • Self Management
  • Autonomy
  • Specialized Knowledge
Program fee None (excluding travel expenses, rent, insurance, living expenses etc.)
Number of Participants Approx. 10 Application Period March 1, 2023 – 14:00 on March 22, 2023

Be a 1st year student who enrolled in the College of International Management in the AY2022 Fall Semester or in the AY2023 Spring Semester.
*There are other application requirements. Please check the Application Information for details.

Additional Information
Guidance Session

The recordings of the guidance sessions are available from the links below by 14:00 JST on March 22, 2023.
Watch the video in English
Watch the video in Japanese

How to Apply

Apply through this online survey during the above application period

The above is an overview of the program. Please be sure to check the details from the Application Information below before applying.

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