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Double Degree Program (Undergraduate) St. Edward's University (SEU)

Double Degree Program (Undergraduate) St. Edward's University (SEU)

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Program Charactersitics

This double degree program allows students from APU and SEU to obtain bachelor degrees from both universities within four years of study, including two years at their home university and two years at the host university.

Earning two degrees in four years is not easy, and when you take courses at SEU, you must always check which of your APS credits they qualify for and whether they meet the APS graduation requirements. Failure to do so will make it more difficult for you to obtain a double degree and will also delay your graduation from APU.

In order to provide some context, please find below a chart comparing the exchange program and the Double Degree Program.

Exchange Program Double Degree Program
Duration of the study abroad Up to 1 year 2 years
Subjects Students choose a number of subjects they want to take/are interested in. Some of the subjects are predetermined and some subjects are chosen by the student.
Number of years until graduation 4 years 4 years
Degrees obtained upon graduation Bachelor degree from APU Bachelor degrees from both APU and SEU
Program Schedule
Semester Fall Enrollees status Spring Enrollees status Enrolled University
Fall 1st Semester APU
Spring 2nd Semester 1st Semester APU
Fall 3rd Semester 2nd Semester SEU
Spring 4th Semester 3rd Semester SEU
Fall 5th Semester 4th Semester SEU
Spring 6th Semester 5th Semester SEU/APU*
Fall 7th Semester 6th Semester APU
Spring 8th Semester 7th Semester APU
Fall 8th Semester APU

*May come back to APU from the 2nd Quarter of the Spring semester


Upon satisfying all program requirements, students will first receive their APU degree and the degree from SEU will be conferred a few months later.

Credit Acquisition During the Program

Double Degree Program students need to plan their studies well in advance and make sure that they obtain the designated number of credits for each university to complete the program in 4 years.

Below are charts describing the model of credit acquisition during the program. Students should complete minimum of 52 credits at SEU (excluding transferred credits) to earn a degree from SEU.

Model of Credit Acquisition for Fall (September) Enrollees
Model of Credit Acquisition for Spring (April) Enrollees

*Transfer of up to 60 credits from the credits obtained from curricular subjects at SEU is allowed. However, only credits for subjects related to those offered at APU can be transferred (e.g. credits from sports, arts, etc. are not transferrable).

Academics and Requirements of the Program

1) Study Plan

Concrete study plan for the time abroad is absolutely necessary! Satisfying both APU and SEU graduation requirements in 4 years is required and thus, planning course registration ahead of time is very important. The Double Degree Program coordinators in both APU and SEU work with students to help them create the most appropriate study plan.

2) GPA and Credit Requirements

Students must have cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher at the end of the semester preceding departure to SEU and must maintain cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher at the end of every semester while studying at SEU. Furthermore, students must obtain the minimum cumulative number of credits determined by APU while studying at SEU.

3) APS Areas of Study

Courses offered in the SEU School of Behavioral and Social Science (Global Studies) center on international studies and society and culture and Double Degree Program students should choose “International Relations and Peace Studies” or “Culture, Society and Media” as their Area of Study at APU. Therefore, students should complete “Introduction to International Relations”, “Introduction to Media Studies” or “Introduction to Culture and Society” at APU based to their desired area of study.

SEU Requirements for Program Completion

At SEU, students must satisfy the requirements for General Education subjects, Major Subjects and also take a number of Electives. Subjects taken at APU will generally fulfill the Major Subjects requirement at SEU and thus, students focus on General Education subjects at SEU. Once they fulfill the General Education requirement, they can choose Major Subjects and Electives they are interested with.

Program Fees

1) APU Tuition and Scholarships

Double Degree Program students pay tuition to APU during the 4 years in the program. Students do not have to pay tuition to SEU!.
JASSO scholarships may be available for domestic Japanese students.
Tuition reduction scholarships will remain in effect even while on exchange for students who meet the scholarship continuation conditions before leaving APU.

2) Fees

The following fees will be the responsibility of the participant during the program period.

Fee Amount
Accommodation¹ Approx. 4500 USD – 5000 USD / semester
Meal plan Approx. 11,000 USD / 2 years
Insurance required from SEU² Approx. 5,000 USD / 2 years
Insurance required from APU Approx. 280,000 JPY / 2 years
Other Expenses
(meals, books, passport/visa application fees, entertainment and any other fees incurred for the participant’s private activities)
Appox. 1,500,000 JPY / 2 years

¹Dormitories are available but not guaranteed.

²Travel expenses and passport/visa application fees are not included.

Please also check this St. Edward’s University’s official webpage for up-to-date fees.

Dismissal from the Program

Participants who fail to meet the program requirements including GPA and credit requirements will be dismissed from the program.

Academic Office/Undergraduate Dual Degree Program Team
E-mail :

Double Degree Program (SEU) [2024 Fall Departure]

This is the information for the AY 2024 Double Degree Program with St. Edward's University.
Program Length 4 years (2 years study abroad period) Program Timing Study abroad period:
Fall enrollees: Semester 3 - Semester 6 of enrollment
Spring enrollees: Semester 2 - Semester 5 of enrollment
Location Austin, Texas, USA Acquired Skills/Abilities
  • Self Management
  • Autonomy
  • Specialized Knowledge
Program fee None (excluding travel expenses, rent, insurance, living expenses etc.)
Number of Participants Maximum 5 Application Period Friday, March 1, 2024 –12:00 noon on Friday March 22, 2024

Be a 1st year student in the College of Asia Pacific Studies who enrolled either in the AY2023 Fall Semester, or s scheduled to enroll in the AY2024 Spring Semester.
*There are other application requirements. Please check the Application Information for details.

Additional Information
Guidance Session

Wed. February 28, 2024


Wed. February 28, 2024


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The above is an overview of the program. Please be sure to check the details from the Application Information below before applying.

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