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Tunghai University

Country/Region Taiwan Website https://oir.thu.edu.tw/front/500_InExSt/500_InExSt_1/pages.php?ID=dGh1X29zYSY1MDBfSW5FeFN0XzE=
Location Taichung Details Info Sheet
Established 1955 Departure Semester Spring Semester, Fall Semester
Type Private Eligible College APM,APS

Application Requirements

2.50 5.5 72 550

Academic Fields

  • Business Administration
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • International Relations
  • Political Science
  • Cultural Studies
  • Sustainability

Programs Available

Taiwan is an island that locates in East Asia with the total land area around 36,000 square kilometers. Taiwan is one of the most multi-cultural nations in East Asia with rich cultural diversity and historical impacts from Aboriginals, Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese, and Westerners. Besides, due its special location, Taiwan also becomes an important position that connects with the other neighboring countries.

Taichung is one of the six municipalities and 2nd large city in the middle part of Taiwan. Due to the convenient location connects to other cities, the always-nice weather, the lower living expenses compare to capital, the convenient transportation, and so on, Taichung has become the most liveable city in Taiwan.

With the muti-cultural living background, Taiwanese people are warm and friendly. We welcome you to join us to discover our beautiful country and cities!

Tunghai University, established in 1955, is a comprehensive higher education institution well-known for its excellence in liberal arts education and its spacious and beautiful campus. Tunghai currently has 9 colleges, 38 undergraduate degrees, 39 Master’s programs and 16 PhD programs. Tunghai has a student body of approximately 15,800 students with more than 1,000 international students. With its spacious campus and well-developed infrastructure, Tunghai has an ideal teaching and learning environment for faculty and students.

Tunghai University’s constant pursuit of excellence in both teaching and overall university development has been publicly recognized. Not only has Tunghai been highly ranked in university ratings and topped recruiter surveys, but it has also received continuous funding from the Ministry of Education due to its outstanding teaching and research results.

Given Tunghai’s emphasis on holistic education and the development of students’ academic expertise and social awareness, graduates of Tunghai University not only possess knowledge in their fields of study, but also critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and interpersonal communications skills. They also become confident and responsible young people with high moral and ethical standards.

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