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Overview of Study@APU Programs

Experience the cross-cultural world at APU

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, or APU, was founded in April 2000 as Japan’s first truly international university by the Ritsumeikan Trust, an educational academy with over 100 years of history and tradition. The University’s mission is to develop “Asia Pacific Studies” as a new academic discipline and aims to prepare students to succeed as leaders in today’s world. We invite you to come and experience the inspirational and stimulating APU learning environment for yourself. We look forward to seeing you on campus.

Undergraduate Education at APU

APU is the only Japanese university to adopt a fully bilingual education system. In contrast to most other universities in Japan, English-speaking individuals may enter APU without any prior exposure to the Japanese language. The undergraduate programs are conducted in two colleges: the College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS) and the College of International Management (APM).

College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS)

The College of Asia Pacific Studies is grounded in an integrated understanding of the politics, economics, societies, and other dimensions of the Asia Pacific regions. The ultimate aim of the College is to produce individuals capable of contributing to sustainable development and mutual coexistence in the region.

College of International Management (APM)

The mission of the College of International Management is to cultivate human resources with strong business ethics that will play an active role in resolving management issues at globalizing enterprises and other organizations by imparting fundamental knowledge in management, enhancing intercultural communication skills and upholding cultural diversity.

Exchange/Study abroad Program Gateway Program
Length 1 semester or 1 year 8 weeks
Period Spring (late March-early August)
Fall (mid September-early February)
Summer (June-July)
Description For students who wish to take undergraduate courses
in the colleges of Asia Pacific Studies and
International Management while deepening their
understanding of Japanese and Asia Pacific culture and
society by living, studying and experiencing life at APU
for a longer period.
For students who wish to improve their Japanese language skills
through intensive classes and experience Japanese culture
through activities an field trips during their summer break.
Students can join campus events and join clubs and will have plenty of
opportunities to meet and interact with APU students.

Life at APU and Beppu

In addition to the many sports, cultural and academic student circles and clubs available for you to join at APU, you can also keep fit at the gymnasium or have a browse through the University library. If you are looking for something more, Beppu City is just a short trip down the mountain. The city itself is a major international tourist destination and is renowned for its abundant and therapeutic hot springs. Experience the city’s mud pools, geysers and thermal springs at the local Hot Spring “Hells”, soak up some of the atmosphere of yesteryear Japan and stroll through the narrow back streets, or visit one of the many local shrines and temples. Enjoy a spot of shopping at one of the local department stores or pick up a bargain in the old shopping precincts. With over 12 million tourists visiting Beppu every year, the city offers a quirky blend of traditional, retro and contemporary style, cuisine and pastimes. There is something here for everyone.

Club activities

We encourage study abroad students to get involved in one or more of the over 160 clubs to enhance their experience, learn something new and simply to have fun.


A range of multicultural events including performances and festivals are held throughout the year showcasing the rich diversity of our study body. During the semester, there are multicultural weeks which feature a different country or region and its culture. Up until now there have been Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, Oceania, African, Mongolian, Sri Lankan Weeks and others. During each week, there are many activities put on by students, special ethnic dishes offered in the cafeteria and a final grand performance to conclude the week.

APU Buddies

All exchange/study abroad students will be paired with an “APU Buddy”. Your buddy will help you navigate your new life at APU and Beppu and help you to access the information and resources you need to adjust to the Japanese and APU culture. You will be in contact with your buddy before you arrive so that you can ask any questions you may have about life at APU. Your buddy will also give you a tour of the campus and help to coordinate a welcome and farewell party for you and your group. You can count on them to help you with the local busses, tell you where the good supermarkets are, help you at the post office, clinic or hospital, or even help you practice for a Japanese presentation. You buddy is there to help with any aspect of your life at APU.

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