AY2013 Asia Pacific Conference

The AY 2013 Asia Pacific Conference was held on November 2-3, 2013. The interdisciplinary conference invited three keynote speakers, each of whom delivered a talk in a different area of specialty, altogether covering a wide variety of research topics. 54 presenters gathered from 11 countries and 28 institutions, and 17 panel sessions were organised.

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"Revitalization and Development"

Global humanitarian responses to crises are often quite high in the time immediately following great tragedy. Years later, as much of the world forgets, this aid declines and the hardest hit are often left to revitalize their areas alone. Efforts to revitalize and develop areas around the Asia Pacific deal with a broad spectrum of issues. Economic development and revitalization must tackle the complexities of environmental degradation, human rights and humanitarian concerns, access to funding, government and international political controversies, as well as citizen activism and participation.

This year's Asia Pacific Conference invites presenters under the broad theme of Revitalization and Development to better understand the complexities involved and help solve some of the problems faced. The conference invites participants from fields of economic development, tourism studies, environmental studies, international relations, comparative politics, sociology, and psychology dealing with the theme, broadly defined. Bringing scholars together from a variety of fields, while focusing on the importance of revitalization and development, promotes cross-fertilization and serendipitous connections between scholarly fields often working in isolation.

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(*Listed in alphabetical order)

Position President, World Agricultural Heritage Foundation, Italy
Speech Title "Diversity for Development and Development for Diversity -Culture, Agriculture and Innovation for Sustainable Development-"

Name TERADA Takefumi
Position Professor, Sophia University, Japan
Speech Title "Finding Home Away from Home: Filipinos in Tohoku after the 2011 Earthquake"

Name YABUNAKA Mitoji
Position Former Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan / Specially Appinted Professor, Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Speech Title "Towards the Peaceful Development of the Asia-Pacific Region - The role of the countries of the region, including Japan, and the challenges they need to overcome"

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Themes have already been chosen for some of the panel sessions. These themes are listed below. The stared (*) sessions below are still calling for presenters. However, we are accepting presentation applications on any topic, not just the themes below.

Session Theme
Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Asian business and management practices (*)
Chair: DIEFENBACH Thomas, Professor, APU
Productivity Growth in Japan and Asia Pacific Region (JSPS supported session)
Chair: KIM Sangho, Professor, APU
The Dynamics of Change in Southeast Asia
Chair: Mani A., Professor, APU
Integrating Agricultural Heritage Landscapes and Sustainable Livelihoods: Insights from the GIAHS Initiative of FAO, UN (*)
Chair: VAFADARI Kazem, Assistant Professor, APU

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(Deadline: September 15th, 2013)

The deadline has already passed.

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New!! (Updated Oct. 31)

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[1] Venue

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)
Building F (Classrooms) (Tentative) ---> APU Campus Map
1-1 Jumonjibaru, Beppu, Oita 874-8577 Japan

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[2] Access

Please click your arrival airport listed below to see each access map to the venue from the airport.

(1) Fukuoka Airport (Domestic Terminal)
JR Hakata Station Beppu Kitahama Bus Stop Map
(2) Fukuoka Airport (International Terminal)
JR Hakata Station Beppu Kitahama Bus Stop Map
(3) Narita International Airport (Tokyo), Haneda Airport (Tokyo), Oita Airport, From Cities in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, etc.)
Narita International Airport (Tokyo) Haneda Airport (Tokyo) Oita Airport Bus stop(for Beppu) Beppu Kitahama Bus Stop Map

[3] Beppu Weather Forecast

Beppu-shi Weekend Weather

[4] About BEPPU

Please click the link below to see the information about BEPPU-city.
---> Beppu Navi

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  • There will be no registration fee charged. Presenters will be provided free special meals and Proceedings.
  • After accepted, successful applicants must submit a 3 page summary of the paper for the conference proceedings.
  • After the conference, presenters can submit their full papers to the Ritsumeikan Journal of Asia Pacific Studies (RJAPS) if they like.
  • The contents above are subject to change. We will update the information in this website as needed.
  • Student Award: RCAPS may provide excellent student applicants with an award which subsidises part of travel or accommodation expenses. How much will be subsidised will be decided after considering the situations of the students and our budget.

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8. FAQ

*If you click a question below, the answer will show.

Q1. How much time will each presenter have for their presentation?

A1. For the standard sessions (with four presenters), each presenter has 15 mins to make a presentation and 5 mins for a Q&A session. However, this may be changed at the discretion of the session chairperson.

Q2. Can I use PowerPoint slides during my presentation?

A2. Yes. Please send us the ppt (PowerPoint) file which you will use in your presentation by Wednesday, October 30th. And also bring it with you on a USB flash drive, just in case. You can make changes after October 30th. But in that case, please bring the file with you on a USB flash drive. If you make your ppt file with the latest version of PowerPoint, please save the file by downgrading it to version PowerPoint2010 or lower, so that the file can be opened with the computer at the venue. If you make the file with a Mac, we recommend to make a pdf version because a file made with a mac sometimes can not be opened with a windows PC.

Q3. How do I get to APU from the Beppu downtown area?

A3. Please refer to ‘Access’ on our website. There are several bus stops in Beppu Kitahama (Downtown Beppu). We uploaded a map which indicates the locations of each bus stop in the area. To get to APU from Beppu Kitahama, you can get on a local bus (No.50, 51, 55 [express], or 24). It will take around 33 minutes. There are two bus stops. Please catch a bus at the bus stop near the Japan Post Office side in front of the Tokiwa department store, not the one in front of Starbucks.

Q4. What is the temperature in Beppu like?

A4. According to the weather forecast, the highest temperature will be around 23 degrees (Celsius) and the low at 10 degrees. It will be sunny on Friday and Saturday, but on Sunday, it will be cloudy and there might be a little rain. We will upload updated weather information to the conference website.

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RCAPS Secretariat
@Research Office, APU

(Please change the letter from * to @.)

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