Facts and Figures

Degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA)


  • Japanese Management (JM)
  • Accounting and Finance (AF)
  • Marketing and Management (MM)
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Operations Management (EIM)

Enrollment Semesters

Enrollment Semesters: April, September

Program Duration

2 years
*Notes: All graduate school lectures are taught in English

GSM Learning Goals and Objectives

GSM offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA). The program is designed to achieve the four Learning Goals, each of which has its own specific Learning Objectives. These were developed in alignment with Declaration of the Occasion of the Opening of APU and the Mission of GSM. Learning Goals indicate the ideal characteristics that GSM hopes students to have acquired by the time they complete their degrees. Learning Objectives further clarify more specific abilities students should acquire.

  1. (1) Business Ethics
    • 1. Formulate practical resolutions of an ethical dilemma using an ethics model or framework.
    • 2. Evaluate ethical implications of Contemporary business issues.
  2. (2) Advanced Knowledge of Discipline
    • 1. Demonstrate understanding of Advanced business concepts in a specialized field.
    • 2. Apply advanced analytical tools (quantitative and qualitative) to examine business problems.
    • 3. Integrate functional knowledge for developing business solutions.
    • 4. Demonstrate an advanced level of writing & presentation skills.
  3. (3) Sense of Innovation
    • 1. Identify the opportunities & challenges of innovation in a business setting.
    • 2. Design innovative business and/ or research projects.
  4. (4) Global Perspectives
    • 1. Reconcile between academic theories & practices in international business.
    • 2. Evaluate the managerial impact of global issues.


GSM utilizes Curriculum Alignment Matrices (CAM) to give an overview of the expectations for what students should learn in each subject within the MBA program. The left-most row of the matrix indicates the given subjects. Enlisted in the upper columns of the matrix are the thirteen Learning Objectives and four Learning Goals they are aligned with.

When planning your course registration, please refer to the various CAM linked below to find out more about what you will learn in each subject.

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