SOM collaborates with domestic and international companies/organizations to offer a variety of academic and extra-curricular programs.

Global Management (Capstone)

Capstone: Engaging in solving actual corporate issues

The Global Management (Capstone) course is a required subject for fourth-year students in the College of International Management. This course welcomes staff from various companies who are involved at the forefront of corporate planning and marketing, to give presentations on their business and industry, and the students address the challenges faced by the firm.

Corporations that have collaborated with us
  • Kyushu Railway Company
  • Books Ogaki, Ltd.
  • JAL Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Oita Football Club Co.,Ltd.
  • Sony Corporation
  • Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Fuji Television Network, Inc.
  • Nihon Keiei Co., Ltd.
  • KOSÉ Corporation
  • Hitachi, Ltd.
  • IHI Logistics & Machinery Corporation
  • Oita Prefectural Government
  • Fundokin Shoyu Co., Ltd.
  • ORIX Bank Corporation

Research Partnerships with Industry and Government

Regarding our research efforts through industry-academia collaboration, please click on the link below.