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College and Course Information

College and Course Information

All undergraduate programs at APU are conducted both in English and Japanese, allowing exchange students to continue or complement their major study in Japan. You can choose between two colleges at APU. Asia Pacific Studies (APS) or International Management (APM). While you will be able to register for courses of both colleges, you will have a later priority for the courses of your non-registered college, so please choose carefully. An introduction of both colleges and their respective Areas of Study is available at the bottom of the page.

The list of courses for each semester is finalized roughly one month before the start of each semester. Please refer to the 2017 Curriculum Subject List (APS / APM) for your reference. Please also be aware that there are a number of courses to which registration is restricted as an exchange student. You can find those courses here.

College of International Management [APM]

Cultivate your own global perspectives, business ethics, and problem-solving skills in APM to join the next generation of international business leaders.

The College of International Management is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International), which is widely regarded as the highest level of accreditation for business schools worldwide.

Areas of Study

Innovation and Economics

Learn about what generates innovation, how production is managed, and the underlying economic foundations of these concepts. The lectures are geared towards those wishing to contribute to global development through business or policy-making


The theories and methods needed to successfully provide goods and services to the global market is the focus of courses in the marketing area of study. You will learn to identify the most effective method to link production to the final consumer and determine how much to provide at what cost.

Strategic Management and Organization

These classes focus on how to set goals, establish principles, and develop methods for an organization so that it meets the challenges of evolving social needs. If you aim to become an entrepreneur or plan to take over your family business, this area of study is ideal for you.

Accounting and Finance

The health of corporations is evaluated by the ebb and flow of money, which is known as accounting, while finance is the field concerned with raising and managing the funds necessary for corporate activities. Classes in this area of study enable you to gain a solid foundation in these demanding fields and exercises your knowledge in an international context.

College of Asia Pacific Studies [APS]

In APS, we challenge you to tackle a vast array of global issues and develop new ways of thinking to face these obstacles head on. You will gain a broad understanding of the political systems, economies, societies, and cultures of the Asia Pacific while gathering relevant skills in language and information technology.

Areas of Study

Environment and Development

Profit-driven development has brought with it a raft of environmental and other issues, and sustainable development is an urgent issue for our times.
Lectures in this area of study tackle the question of sustainable development in relation to policies and efforts to balance environmental conversation and economic development.

Hospitality and Tourism

As cultural exchange and promotion of regional industries through tourism are vital to the development of the Asia Pacific region, this area of studies explores multiple facets of tourism through the lenses of culture, society, and community. You will focus on the theory and practice of hospitality management as it relates to the tourism, health, service and welfare industries.

International Relations and Peace Studies

This area of study allows you to delve into the intricacies of conflict resolution and peace-building as well as cultivate the ability to deal with increasingly complex global issues. Your studies will draw from the three disciplines of international law, political science and economics and help you gain the necessary critical thinking skills and a policy-oriented approach to succeed in the field.

Culture, Society and Media

This area of study enables you to analyze the societies, cultures, and values of the Asia Pacific to deepen your understanding of the issues this region faces. You will gain a global perspective, fundamental media skills, and the ability to view societal issues from several angles.

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