Join Us (A message from President Yoneyama)

From Global to Diversity and Inclusion

Since its inception in 2000, APU has welcomed students from a total of 166 countries and regions, thereby realizing a multicultural collaborative environment and fostering global talent with practical skills. In 2023, APU opened a new college, thus entering a new stage that marks its second inception.

The world today is becoming increasingly complex and chaotic, with ongoing conflicts in various regions throughout the world, refugee problems, poverty, and social inequality as well as divisions stemming from these issues, not to mention environmental damage caused by climate change and natural disasters. It is precisely because we live in such an era that APU is embracing the concept of Leap Beyond Global—a pursuit to become a new kind of university that transcends conventional boundaries. Based on this vision, APU will lead the world in diversity and inclusion (D&I) practices and human resources development, create D&I value for local communities and industries, and work to solve social issues from the perspective of D&I. As we work toward the realization of an inclusive society, we will become an indispensable player in making the world a better place.

APU will also focus on expanding its community. We aim to become a new platform where people with various attributes, who hold a range of positions, can interact with each other regardless of age or social roles. This will generate new insights and ideas beyond the current community and is expected to yield shared solutions to the issues facing society. APU will become a community of lifelong learners—a place where people at all stages of life with the motivation to continue learning can engage in co-creation.

Finally, APU will expand upon the roles and functions that a university is expected to play. As a university that works to transform society, APU will further expand upon its functions not only in education, research and social outreach, but also in the identification and design of social and regional issues, co-creation for problem solving, prototyping and testing, the provision of test fields, and serving as the hub of a human network for problem solving. APU will become a center for solving social issues, connecting a network of problem-solvers and creating a significant social impact for a new era.

With the support of our current students and their families, alumni, members of the local community, and donors from around the globe who identify with this vision, APU will be able to make even greater strides in the future. I would like to wholeheartedly thank you all for your support, and I kindly request your continued patronage.

President, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Vice Chancellor, Ritsumeikan Trust


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