In appreciation for your gift, you will be recognized for contributing to the University and our mission.

  • ■ Cumulative gifts exceeding one hundred thousand yen: Certificate of appreciation and APU merchandise
  • ■ Cumulative gifts exceeding one million yen: Invitation to an annual reception hosted by the President

Contributing to APU will also be acknowledged as giving to the Ritsumeikan Trust.

Donor Log

To show our appreciation, donor names and donation amounts will be listed in the Donor Log on the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University website as well as on the Ritsumeikan Trust website.


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Certificate of Appreciation

APU will issue certificates of appreciation to donors who contribute 100,000 yen or more.

Name Plaque

As a sign of appreciation for their contribution to the university, those who give extraordinary contributions will have their names listed on a commemorative plaque prominently displayed on the APU campus.

  • Gold Name Plaque

    Gold Name Plaque
    Contributions of 100 million yen or more

  • Silver Name Plaque

    Silver Name Plaque
    Contributions of 10 million yen or more

  • Bronze Name Plaque

    Bronze Name Plaque
    Contributions of one million yen or more

Name Plaque

Shape your world ― APU expresses its heartfelt appreciation and respect for those who, through their generous donations to maintain our educational environment and scholarship program, support the aspirations of young people gathered here from around the world.
* In general, names are listed as received at the time of donation

Tax Incentives

Under certain conditions, gifts made to APU by individuals or organizations may be eligible for tax incentives.

  • For individuals paying taxes in Japan

    For individuals paying taxes in Japan

    Individuals giving to APU are eligible for incentives on income tax.

  • For organizations paying taxes in Japan

    For organizations paying taxes in Japan

    Organizations can receive tax deductions on income from the previous year for gifts made to APU.

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