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GOAL (Global Alumni lecture)

The GOAL program, established in 2015, stands for Global Alumni Lecture. In this program graduates from all over the world and in different career paths come back to APU campus to share their knowledge and experience gained throughout their careers. GOAL lectures encourage students to envision their own career goals and to think about how learning at APU connects to their careers after graduation. It also supports students as they develop their career interests, and increases their motivation for learning while at APU.

GOAL in the English program

Every semester at APU, several alumni are invited to return and speak to students in English classes to share their personal stories about how they developed their English language skills. Alumni talk about how they improved their English while at APU, what their current job entails and how they use English in the workplace. Many of the alumni explain that when they entered APU they could not speak English well, and were in fact placed in the lowest English class level. It was through consistent studying and utilizing APU’s unique campus environment and resources that they were able to improve their English skills. The speakers also share the different challenges they faced learning English and how they overcame these challenges. One of the GOAL alumni, Junya Tanaka (class of 2014), who works for a foreign pharmaceutical company, told the students, “It doesn’t matter what level you start at, so long as you know what you want to become, and keep up that motivation. Nobody knows the future, so you can be optimistic”. Every semester our alumni inspire our students through the GOAL lectures with their career achievements and impressive English abilities. Please consider donating to help the GOAL program invite more successful alumni to come and share their stories with current APU students. Your support will make a big difference.

GOAL Program: Alumni Contributions to Introduction to Peer Leader Training

With the help of the APU Alumni Association, a mini symposium is held by APU’s inaugural president and APU alumni in a class during the spring semester every year. The symposium is about students’ 120% utilization of learning in the culturally diverse environment at APU as global citizens living in a society of multicultural coexistence.
As multicultural coexistence progresses in society, we want students learning at APU’s multicultural campus to form a foundation as global citizens living in this type of society by maintaining an attitude of acknowledging the experiences they have overcoming intercultural conflict and resolving issues as a type of learning and by accepting and respecting each other’s differences and utilizing those differences as strengths during their time at university.
In the mini symposiums to date, graduates from countries around Asia fully conveyed the value of learning at APU, explaining how they apply what they learned in their four years of studies at APU and in those experiences in society.
By having students directly listen and talk to the inaugural president and alumni early in their first year, we hope to provide them with a chance to consider how to utilize APU resources and link them to learning in an inquisitive and proactive manner. We sincerely look forward to continued support from everyone through your valuable contributions.

  • Support for Global Alumni Lecture (GOAL)
  • Support for Global Alumni Lecture (GOAL)

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Sidney Leung (APU Alum)

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