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▼ About the project

〇 As an entrepreneur, I want to contribute to the development of Laos!

As a proud citizen of the country of Laos, I believe it is my obligation to contribute greatly to the development of my nation so that it may develop further and become like other first-world countries. In the future, I would like to help establish that reality by contributing in several ways, whether it be economically, socially, or politically. I have high hopes for myself and the future to prosper and grow and to become brighter and greater than ever.

My goals and passions also lie in entrepreneurship. I hope to create successful businesses that would not only contribute to my success but help further grow my country and the community around me. I wish to give back to my family and my community through fund-raising, charities, and solving local problems all over Laos.

I am honored and grateful to be given many opportunities here at APU to learn and experience an environment full of students from numerous cultural backgrounds and history, as well as plenty of exciting and interesting events, circles, and activities I can indulge in. I plan to utilize APU’s advantageous international student body to expand and grow my knowledge and learn about many distinct cultures and people from all around the world. Communicating with other students to learn not only about their countries and their backgrounds but also about them as individuals, including their stories and their views, so I can experience more of the world through their expressions.

Learning the Japanese language and living in Japan has been a pleasure of mine. I plan to further develop my Japanese skills and become fluent one day and make it my 4th language. I hope to be able to interact and communicate with not only the Japanese students here at APU but also the local people of the city and the region during my travels. I hope to learn and experience the richness of Japanese culture and traditions to the fullest while living here for the next 4 years.

I also plan to utilize the AP Language program to learn other languages as well. Namely, Chinese because I find the language interesting and rich in culture similar to Japanese. My country of Laos is also a neighboring country to China; therefore it would be a great chance for me to learn about my neighbor’s language and to one day utilize it in my work and everyday life.

My impression after living here in APU and Japan has been nothing but positive. Not only do I finally have the chance to try living in Japan, which has been one of my goals ever since I was young, but I also find the experience fascinating. Coming from a different background in Laos, I find that the way of living and the locals here in Japan teach me so much about things I did not know before. Especially on the ways that the city runs here in Beppu. I discovered and learned a lot about the banking system, the transportation system, the health system, and many other interesting things here in Japan. I was also culturally shocked at the number of formalities in writing and managing documents and the number of documents I had to read and sign when I first came here. I was nothing but surprised by this fact.

Living in the AP House has been a great pleasure. Being able to live next to fellow students who are from different countries has brought me great joy and memories during these months. Not only was I able to learn and experience talking to people in the Japanese language first-hand, but I also made great and long-lasting friendships after living here in Japan. These friends, whom I can listen to and share stories with and whom I studied and traveled with, have significantly and positively impacted my experience living here. The last 6 months have been nothing but fun and memories here in APU and Japan. I hope to continue to experience and make more memories and friendships here in the future.

It is a great honor to have received financial aid from all the donors. I express my deepest gratitude to the people who have helped and given me the opportunities to learn and cultivate my knowledge here at APU.

I wish nothing but prosperity, success, and long life to all the kind donors who have helped not only me but other students here and who have given them a chance to develop themselves at APU.

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